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About us

Lumega is a European lighting manufacturer with a specialization in LED technology. At Lumega, we develop and customize energy-saving lamps, and we strive to meet the rapidly growing demand for green solutions in the industry and business area. Back in 2011, the founder of Lumega wrote, Denmark’s first book about LED lighting, which became the basis and starting point for Lumega’s professional work.

In order to provide a total solution for your project, in addition to our own lamp production, we occasionally include OEM manufacturers whose products will be available under the name OS product.

The team behind Lumega is working with a complex IT- and manufacturingssystem which allow us to manage even the largest lighting deliviries.

Focus on quality

At Lumega, we offer products for both indoor and outdoor lighting. Our innovative LED products are made for both the construction sector and industry. All our products are tested through impartial organizations, such as Danish Technological Institute before we market them. The testing of the products assures that all of Lumega’s quality requirements are met, including long lifespan, high-energy efficiency and good quality of light.

Our skilled lighting designers help with the visualization of Lumega’s lighting solutions through 3D simulations. These simulations gives a good indication of how the lighting will appear, which is an advantage for both the architect, the consultant, and the builder. In addition, the simulations give the electrician a full overview of the lighting system’s installation.


The company’s journey started as a sole proprietorship back in 2008 to 2010. In 2010, the company began a new chapter as an import company of lighting under the name Ledsection. In 2011, the founder of the company published the LED book, which was the start of a completely new direction for Ledsection, which included a new branding strategy and in-house production of lamps. The company made a name change from Ledsection to Normasym in 2011. In 2016, the company opened a foreign company to be able to handle projects outside Denmark’s borders. It was not until 2018 that the parent company got its current name Lumega. In 2019, Lumega acquired a sister company called Luxega, which specializes in street lighting and its own production. One more sister company arrived to Lumega in 2020, a sister company called Lumega Home with a focus on private home lighting.

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