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Do you manage an electrician company or electrical contracting company?

The process of our business is naturally a bit different when we are working with electricians or electrical contractors. This is mainly because we are then two businesses both working to please our customers.

When we are working with electricians or electrical contractors the process begins with an open tender procedure. Before we engage the actual dialogue we pick the right lighting designer and calculator based on the specifications of the tender. When the right team is picked we open the dialogue with the customer to ensure that there are no vital questions our doubt about the project. If there are no further questions, we start designing and planning the lighting solution.

The lighting designer or calculator will be in touch during the entire process. When the lighting designer and calculator together have found the right luminaires to the project, we compile the final offer in line with the tender. Hereafter it is only a matter of getting the last details finalized before the complete lighting solution is on the way to the doorstep of the electrician or electrical contractor.

Telephone or virtual meeting

Sometimes it is better to use 15-30 minutes to discuss a project rather than sending the files straight away on mail. We always suggest to enter the job with a short conversation about the requirements.

Preparation of tender documentation

The tender if any and sketches is studied closely to make sure that we are in a position where we meet the requirements.

Visualization and professional lighting design

Will be created if needed and we find that we can match the luminaire descriptions written in the tender.


After the lighting design is ready we start to quote. The process normally takes from 1-5 days pending on the size of the project.

Why choose Lumega

At Lumega we focus on the quality of light and life. Throughout the lifecycle of our products, we conduct a great variety of tests on our products, which ensure you an always-high quality. We follow our products right from the start of the design process to the production, where we have selected only the best production facilities. Through our many strong collaborators, we can also provide professional installation of the luminaire. Our products are all of Scandinavian design, where aesthetics and symmetry are the key characteristics. Our lamps are compatible in almost any environment, as we have a board line of products that fit every need you might have.

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