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We secure full satisfaction when you decide to implement a lighting project from Lumega. Your needs are in focus and we are committed to delivering the best quality in all of our services and products. Lumega takes responsibility for every step in the design and implementation of your solution; from the preliminary meeting to the installation of the LED solution and the excellent after-sale service. We ensure the best selection of the lighting units on the market and we always create and deliver an energy-saving and complete solution that is tailored to your needs. All of our products come with a long warranty.

How to achieve savings with LED

The process of supplying your premises with high-quality, intelligent and energy-saving LEDs starts with a personal meeting where an assessment of your current lighting and the energy-consumption is made. We also listen to the wishes you might have regarding energy-saving or improvement of light. When we have assessed your current lighting, we are able to make a complete solution that matches your needs and wishes.

We then calculate the expected savings based on your existing lighting, where we take into account the operation hours, the price for the electricity, the cost of the installation, and the recommended products. As the internal cost structures of our customers are very different, we strive to include the savings realised from the reduction in re-lamping and maintenance.

After the calculation, you will receive three offers from different electrician companies which include the complete calculations on energy and CO2 savings, all technical documentation including warranty descriptions and the service level definition, as well as a specific payment plan for the project. We will present the offers to you at a personal meeting, where we have time to answer any questions that might come to mind. Receiving the offer is completely without expenses for you.

If you accept our offer, we will install the solution whenever it fits you. We will provide you with a project plan containing every detail of the installation. The electrician will then install the new LED lighting solution and program all the lights for your requirements.

After the installation, the new solution is running and you can enjoy the high energy-savings it provides. We secure full service in the pre-arranged period, which includes replacement of light bulbs and lamps if needed.