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Free and professional lighting design

At Lumega we have vast experience in preparation and implementation of LED lighting projects, which we carry out in continuing dialogue with the projects various stakeholders, including architects, lighting designers, engineers, and entrepreneurs. We offer the unique service of free and professional lighting design to your project. Our lighting designers help you visualise the lighting before you make a decision, ensuring that you get the exact illumination you want.

Lighting design for you

In Lumega we take pride in supervising your project from the beginning until the end and thus we are at your disposal in the all the project’s various phases. This means that we are beside you the whole way from planning, placing and lighting design till installing. We are convinced that this continuous professional back-and-forth, as well as the ongoing technological guidance from the project’s starting phase until the ending phase, ensures the most optimal collaboration as well as the most satisfaction with the new lighting solution for our clients. In other words, we believe that mutual dialogue and excellent customer service are the building blocks to a successful cooperation between you and us.

Thus, at Lumega we offer our clients, as one of the only companies in the industry, professional lighting design service of your project – entirely for free. This entails, that you as our client without extra costs can benefit from various lighting design services carried out by professional lighting designers. In Lumega we have highly educated lighting designers who are known in the lighting industry for their beautiful and professional lighting design solutions.

We know that installing a new LED lighting solution is a large investment and that our clients, therefore, want the most information and dialogue possible before the actual installing of the lighting project is initiated. Therefore, we give our client the possibility of seeing her or his unique and customized lighting solution before it is being installed. In this way, our client can get a visual overview of the lighting design of the project and suggest potential corrections This ensures optimal knowledge and overview of the lighting design for our client so we are completely sure that we are on the same page so that you get exactly the lighting solution you wish.

Specifically, this lighting design service in relation to your project entails that we draw up a report so you can get the full picture of how much light (lux) there will be in the various locations when the lighting solution is installed. Besides the report we draw up various visual sketches of your lighting solution, so you can get a visual impression of how your locations will look in details with the new lighting solution.