What does our customers say?

We are, at Lumega, experts in LED lighting and attach great importance providing long-term value for our customers and maintaining good relations across projects. Here is a small selection of what our customers say and what our solutions have added to their projects.

When we were to renovate back in 2016 and expand the hotel with 9 meeting and conference facilities and 54 hotel rooms, we were aware that the lighting would play a major role in creating the right experience. We had a dialogue with various players, but ultimately chose Lumega's lighting offer. The lighting and our renovation have really created the framework for an exciting and functional hotel with good conference opportunities.
I highly recommend Lumega.

Michael Melander, CEO
Glostrup Parkhotel A/S

I've been working with major electricity contractors for more than 10 years. With that said, I established A & H El Teknik with a former colleague and set a strong team of selected profiles. We're project-orientated and know the importance having the strongest partners in lighting and Lumega is definitely in the top three. They quickly return with light design, offers and most of all, they've given us a greater profit on our newer construction projects. I can highy recommend Lumega.

Kasper Skaaning, Partner
A & H El Teknik A/S

I established my business in 2010. Previously, the focus was on smaller services projects but in recent years we've entered into larger electricity contracts. The company is developing rapidly. Having good and reliable suppliers of materials are important. Lumega entered two years ago. What I like about Lumega is their flexibility in products and their ability to react quickly to light designs. They've strenghtened the business' bottom line in some of our projects, which is a good thing when we experience such growth.

Andreas Petersen, CEO
Komplet El ApS

Together with my strong team, I run and own Termovision which focuses on construction projects under 50 mio. All our materials are carefully selected to ensure the high quality, we want to deliver every time. Lumega is a lighting supplier that has delivered to some of our larger projects. They're always helpful with design and their prices match our needs. They're hugely strong in the project market. If you're working with major construction projects, Lumega should be in your focus.

Peter Nielsen, CEO

With over 20 years of experience I've built a great deal of knowledge within the electricity industry and construction projects. In my position at Bravida I ensure our team, by fitters and project managers, are always in work. The offering department is an important organisation and we're dependent having good partners. We've the usual wholesalers on the lighting side, but a year ago we started a cooperation with Lumega. Quick response and competitive prices are two great advantages and I recommend Lumega.

Per Svarre, El Calculator
Bravida A/S

Throughout the process I've had a good communication with Lumega. We've working at a project and in our lighting selection for this hotel. We had dialogues with several suppliers because we needed LED strips with specific measurements. The choice fell naturally at Lumega since they always delivered solution matching out expectations and needs. I'm always surprised at how competitive prices their lighting solutions are.
I recommend Lumega.

Morten Møller Andersen, Electrician
Møller's El

We've had replaced all of our lighting at Uno X Tank Stations in the Nordic countries by Lumega. The choice was between nine different suppliers but Lumega's solution was the most convincing one. We implemented a lighting system that almost is maintenance-free and we've saved hundreds of thousands of kWh.

Dan Overgaard, Project Manager
Uno X Automat

Throughout the process of lighting on the quay at Nordhavn, Lumega has been very flexible. It has always been possible to get in touch with the company and we have saved several thousand danish kroner choosing Lumega's solution. At the same time, the lamps that today illuminate the quay are far better than the previous lamps.

Gert Askholm, Project Manager
CG Jensen

I chose Lumega when I needed a complete lighting solution for playing fields in Valby. I had a good experience working with them on this project and they're present and helpful when necessary. As an example, we needed a lighting calculation and they delivered on time which was a very important finished this project.

Nicolaj Hudlebusch, Landscape

Lumega has supplied a complete lighting system for the entire cinema at Sillebroen Shopping Center, where we have been given light design etc. to ensure the right flow through the store area for more sales. I have been very happy with the collaboration with Lumega and will at all times recommend the professional approach and presence that Lumega has.

Per Jakobsen, Technical Manager
Nordisk Film Cinema