The industry and many businesses have a strong focus on climate change and the FN's 17 World Sustainable Development Goals - and so does Lumega. Interest in creating a more sustainable world has grown in recent years, and we believe is only the beginning of something much bigger.

Lumega believes it’s a strategic issue and this is important to us and the reason why it’s our mission to shape and contribute to an ore sustainable future in collaboration with our customers, partners and suppliers in everything we do. The FN World Goals entered into force in 2016 and aims to create a more sustainable development for both the planet and people - all of which everyone can contribute to achieving by 2030.

Lumega contributes to the following goals in our daily work:

Direction and Targets for 2025

With our professional LED-solutions, we strive to meet demands for sustainability, while securing long-term value for customers, partners, suppliers and the environment.
Our efficient and energy saving solutions contribute the world to become a greener planet, one fixture at a time. Our ambition is creating the future through modern and innovative infrastructure, not compromising the way we work and always respond to inevitable changes in business, sustainability and climate.
We have made a proactive decision on how we can best contribute to better sustainability through our strategic objectives for 2025:

Goal 7, 9, 12 & 13: Optimize Affordable and Clean Energy
The Lumega and Luxega brand will deliver substantial energy savings. Our volume of production and sales will help to minimize the emission of Co2 and making people use a superior light source will result in huge savings.

Through our LED-solutions, we’re a part of expanding infrastructure and upgrade the technology for supplying modern and sustainable energy. By being a global player, we will support the potential and mixed with modern technology – such as IoT and AI – we can strengthen cities, buildings and projects around the globe.

Goal 8: Strengthen Industry & Innovation
Using entrepreneurs and other freelancers – in other countries than Denmark – we contribute to maximize people to get qualitative jobs that will stimulate the economy under decent work conditions.

Goal 17: Model Sustainability Across Borders
Lumega strengthen global partnership through our distributors and selective suppliers. This means mobilizing, sharing knowledge and contributing to obtain sustainable development.

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