Quality road and street lighting
creates effective urban areas

Effective LED street lamps offer great savings and enhance road safety

OS0052 Lamp

Prices from € 165

OS0071 Park Lamp

Prices from € 266

OS0072 Street LED

Prices from € 145

Strengthen urban environment and intelligent cities

Lighting for roads and streets with sustainable LED lamps

Safe System

Get an LED lighting system that follows the development and secures you for the future.

High Power

LED lighting consumes less power with higher lumen performance, which reduces less Co2.

Effective Light

High brightness and energy efficient lighting. LED lamps emit more light for less watt.

Rugged Lamps

More rugged lamps to different environments. Longer service life than traditional light poles.


More and more cities and municipalities have begun to implement LED as road and street lighting. Due to the light source being associated with less maintenance, increased safety, large energy savings and is a more sustainable lighting solution.

"Throughout the lighting process, Lumega has been very flexible. We have saved several thousand Danish Krones by choosing Lumega's solution."

Gert Askholm
Project Manager - CG Jensen