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Lighting consultant

Choose the right lighting with professional help from a lighting consultant

Light is life. It is therefore important for our well-being. But the right light can also make the big difference when it comes to creating the right mood.
One type of lighting may work well in one situation, while in another it may not work. There are many factors to consider when choosing lighting.

With expert advice from a Lumega lighting consultant, you can get the right help for both large and small lighting projects.
Create the best setting with lighting
Do you need lighting in an office community, in a stadium or in a building project?

No matter what project you are involved in, our lighting consultant sheds light on the special requirements you have. The environment is crucial for the type of lighting, and there is a difference whether it is for a building or an office.
The lighting helps to set the framework and mood in the environment in which it is to be part of. It therefore does not matter which lighting you choose.
We draw on years of lighting experience
Through many years of experience in the industry, we can quickly get an overview of which lighting works best in the individual environment.

We have experience as a lighting consultant on a multitude of large building projects – and our experience extends to a wide range of everything from stadium and street lighting to nursing home and office lighting.
Focus on the individual task
When we advise on lighting, we always look closely at the individual task. There are rarely two needs that are alike. That is why we first and foremost listen to your wishes for the lighting.

But we also put our professionalism into play when we advise you on the right lighting for your project. At Lumega, good ideas flow out of us – and our solutions are always based on individuality. Therefore, we tailor a lighting solution carefully tailored to your project and your expectations.

Let our lighting consultant help you
Do you need to find the right office lighting? Or should we help you with the right luminaires for street lighting?

No matter what lighting project you need help with, we at Lumega are ready to advise you.

If you would like to book an appointment with our lighting consultant, or if you just have questions, you are welcome to contact us on telephone +45 71 99 58 25 or e-mail