Buying guide: LED strip lights

Light emitting diodes or LEDs have become increasingly popular for home lighting, and in this article, we give you information about the small and flexible LED strip lights.

As we have mentioned previously, LEDs have a lot of benefits (read here and here for more information). A growing number of people is choosing LED as their lighting solution, and we are very happy to follow the development. In recent times, the LED strip lights have also become popular. Traditionally, strip lights were solely used in backlighting, accent lighting, task lighting, and decorative lighting applications. But because of their high power and luminous efficacy, the LED strip lights can now be used in applications such as fluorescent and halogen lighting fixture replacements, high brightness task lighting, set and costume design, and much more. The LED strip lights have become more energy efficient, have a longer lifespan, more brightness, and more color options.

What to choose?

When buying LED strip lights, you should look after a few different things. The most important is the brightness and the temperature of the lights. The brightness can be measured in Lumen, as a comparison, the 60W incandescent light bulb generates around 800 lumens. The color temperature is measured in Kelvin, and candlelight is around 1200Kelvin and average sunlight is around 5000Kelvin.

It might be a problem to see through all of these technical measures, but don’t worry. When you buy your LED strip lights from Lumega, you get only the best quality products. Also, we can deliver a LED strip solution that enables you to change the color temperature when you want. This means that you can use the LED strips as bright task lighting one day while changing it into being warm and cosy the next day.

When you buy your LED strip lights from Lumega, you can expect a very good solution. We use LED’s from Samsung in all of our solutions. This ensures a highly stable LED solution, which is 10-15 % more energy-efficient and has a 20 % longer lifespan than other LED strip lights on the market.

Different types of LED strip lights

When you have chosen to use LED strip lights with your project, you now have to choose which type of LED strip you want. Lumega's LED strip lights can be used in a lot of different places; only your imagination is the limit. We work with restaurants, clubs, hotels, private homes and many more places.

Lumega offers 8 different types of LED strip lights, which includes; DECOFLEX, SUPERFLEX, EDGEFLEX, and TUNABLEWHITEFLEX. The four series comes in two types each, one with 60 LEDs per meter and another with 120 LEDs per meter and all LED strips are easily mounted with 3M tape.

DECOFLEX is one of our most popular solutions, as it is inexpensive. The strip is low-priced, but we don’t compromise with the quality. This solution is a popular choice for decorative lighting and is used a lot in hotels and restaurants.

SUPERFLEX is one of the most powerful LED strip lights on the market at the moment. It is double-sided with the most energy efficient LEDs available and is intended for providing working light, but can also be used for more demanding decorative concepts.

EDGEFLEX is a side-emitting LED strip light, which is very popular and unique. The LED strip is compact, is optimally used on a flat, even surface and lights horizontally. It is perfect for decorative lighting in places with very little space.

TUNABLEWHITEFLEX is a whole new type of LED strip lights, and it is one of the most luminous on the market. With this type of LED strip, you can adjust the color temperature externally, which enables you to create and adjust the atmosphere in the room. The LED strip is used in offices and similar workplaces, as it has proven to increase work effectiveness.

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