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There are many decisions an entrepreneur takes on his or her journey to success and for brick and mortar enterprises, one of them is setting up a shop or office to house your products and services. Naturally, the first step anyone will take is choosing the perfect location for the business and no-less important is your interior décor which must be designed to highlight the best parts of your business and the products it offers. And achieving this requires an understanding of lighting and the role commercial LED lighting fixtures play in business décor.

To understand how important the decision of the lighting patterns and features you choose for your business organization is, let’s take a look at Apple’s 2017 revolutionary design for its new stores. To better shed light on its wares, the tech giant came up with a sliding panel commercial LED lighting fixture that will bathe the entire store with golden rays of light. Apple believes in the importance of the right LED lighting fixtures in a commercial setting led to the company filing for a patent for its commercial LED lighting arrangement.

Coming back to your store, choosing the right lighting system is non-negotiable. Therefore, in today’s post we will focus on the 5 most important things to consider when purchasing LED lighting fixtures for your business, office or storefront:

1. Energy Efficiency

The average business runs for approximately 9 hours each day, five times a week. This means your business will require energy to power its lighting fixtures for 45 to 60 hours every week. Calculating this expenditure will show that energy costs add up in the long run and how much your light bill sets you back, is dependent on the lighting form you use. According to the energy department and other third-party energy efficiency groups, the use of LED light is the way to go for it drastically reduces your wattage use when compared to more traditional options like the incandescent light bulb and even fluorescent. Consequently, commercial LED lighting fixtures are generally eco-friendly which means with this option, you will be ‘killing two birds with one stone’ by reducing your recurrent cost and making the planet earth a healthier place to reside on. To learn more about your business’s energy consumption capacity, you can use an energy calculator to access the different lighting options available to you.

2. Enhancing the Visual Aesthetics of Your Business

As stated earlier in the case of Apple, lighting fixtures play a huge role in defining the decoration theme of a commercial building. Therefore, before purchasing LED lighting fixtures, you must consider how that purchase could be deployed to enhance the beauty of your store as well as highlight the flattering products it has in stock. It is important to note that advances in the commercial LED lighting niche have led to the development of unique fixtures that can be fitted into virtually every nook and cranny of a commercial building. Therefore, once you have made the choice to go with LED lights as your aesthetic lighting option, the next step is to secure the services of authentic LED manufacturers with a track record of developing durable retrofit commercial LED lighting fixtures for businesses.

3. The Ease of Maintenance and Product Durability

Like a student purchasing his or her first car, a business owner must consider the cost of maintenance associated with purchasing a lighting fixture as well as the durability of the fixture to be purchased. These are some of the most important points you must consider in order to avoid spending continuously to fix your lighting fixtures or having to purchase new once.

Sadly, a lot of people still fall for the cheap gimmicks employed by shady LED lighting manufacturers to get them to make quick purchases without conducting a background check on the products durability. Therefore, before making that purchase on Alibaba or from a foreign LED manufacturer, it is important that you conduct a research to answer these questions:

  • Is the manufacturer credible? A quick internet search and following up on other businesses who have made similar purchases should clarify this.

  • Is the manufacturer’s product durable? Although most commercial LED lighting fixtures from China and Asia are relatively cheap when compared to fixtures manufactured in the west, the rate at which these cheap LED fixtures crumble can quickly put a dent in your pocket.

4. Going for a Brand or the Small LED Manufacturer along the way

Like with every industrial niche, there are always some brand names that define the entire niche and with commercial LED lighting fixtures, brands like Philips and General Electric will always stand out. And their marketing prowess means most of us including you will get to hear about their offerings first before those of lesser brands. But before making that purchase due to the Ad you saw on your TV, there are certain things you must consider:

  • Is the more expensive branded product the best option? Asking compare and contrast questions on popular forums such and Quora or Reddit could help you answer this.

  • Will you have to re-accommodate their retrofits in your store? When purchasing brand names, we mostly end up with mass-produced LED fixtures due to the high cost attached to their customized retrofits.

  • How much am I willing to spend?

The answers to these three questions will definitely steer you the right way when the moment of purchase comes.

5. Are These Prices Real?

Products from the shores of China are generally cheaper than those from their competing counterparts in the West and the lure for a bargain has led many to their downfall. Therefore, before you purchase that commercial LED lighting fixture that seems like the greatest deal on earth, the question you must consider is how legitimate are these deals. Conducting a comprehensive research to answer this question could be the difference between losing a considerable sum of your business capital to a fraudulent company or backing out of a woeful situation.

Final Thoughts

Finally, it is always important to learn from the professionals around you when dabbing into markets you have no experience with. Therefore, seeking home-grown experts or businesses in the LED lighting niche to help you navigate every confusing purchasing choice is recommended.

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