Provide Healthcare Professionals and Patients with the Best Conditions through Lighting

We have been writing about hospital lighting before, but in these times with Corona it is especially important that hospitals follow developments in all aspects. Precisely because the best conditions are essential when the world is in such a vulnerable situation as we must acknowledge we are in.

This is why this week's blog post will cover how the health care system, among other things can ensure that all employees who are working extremely strong as a result of Covid-19, have the best conditions to help patients and what things you need to pay attention to regarding lighting - not just in an extraordinary situation such as now, also in general.

Creating the right working conditions is very important

Hardly any other segment requires such complex lighting as we see in the health and care sector, as the solution must meet the needs of many people in different situations. It is everything from doctors, nurses to healthcare staff who need the best light situations to be able to perform their job. This is also why lighting is an essential element, unfortunately we see that hospitals overlook the importance of proper hospital light. It plays a role that may have an impact on the realization of health care, the treatment effect, the rehabilitation of patients and the doctor-patient relationship, as well as the conditions under which employees work.

How can light help health care professionals?

Thanks to extensive research, we know how LED lighting can affect mood and well-being. The ultimate purpose of lighting is to improve the quality of patients' stay and to strengthen the working conditions of the employees. If the light is used in the right way, it can improve the quality of life among others at care centers where artificial light can compensate for inadequate daylight.

Lighting standards in hospitals are basically about improving energy efficiency and ensuring visual accuracy. It is important underline that the light level and color temperature will not be the same in all rooms. It often depends on the what it requires of the capability of light and its purpose.

Below you will find examples of the standard lux value and color rendering of some different rooms in a hospital. It shows a clear trend. Creating the right lighting in hospitals to achieve the best conditions for healthcare professionals and patients, requires a lot of the supplier you choose. Pay close attention to this when the hospital needs to update the existing lighting or installing a new lighting system.

AreaStandard lux valueColor rendering (Ra)
Waiting area20080
Operating room100090
Recovery room50090
Bathroom in patient room20080
General lighting10080
Observation lighting580

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