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3 good reasons why to choose LED over traditional lighting

01 October 2018

3 good reasons why to choose LED over traditional lighting

At first, LED lighting can seem like a great expense, so does it make sense at all to buy light-emitting diodes? Read on and find the answer in this week’s blog post, where we provide you with a number of reasons why we believe LED lighting is a clever investment.

We are sure you know the feeling. You are at the refrigerated counter in the supermarket and consider whether you should buy the conventional and watery chicken for €5.5 or the juicy, ecological chicken for €12.5. Deep down, you know what you want the most, but the big question is if it is worth the money. The “right” solution depends on the buyer and the situation, but the process itself is quite similar to conventional lighting versus LED lighting. Therefore, the intention of this blog post is to distribute our experience and know-how, in order for you to equipped for deciding whether or not the fluorescent tubes and halogen bulbs should be replaced by LED.

The green choice

Exactly as it is the case with the chicken, this situation contains a moral aspect. LED lighting requires far less electricity compared to traditional lighting and for that reason, it emits less CO2. In other words, LED lighting is the environmentally friendly and green solution.

The difference is distinct when comparing our popular LED downlight NS14 to a halogen bulb. NS14 consumes 7 watts, whereas a halogen bulb with the same lumen output consumes around 50 watts.

Extended lifespan

Apart from the low power consumption, LED lighting has a considerably longer lifespan than conventional lighting. This means that the light-emitting diodes do not have to be replaced as often as it is the case with a fluorescent tube.

Our LED panel NS60 has an expected lifespan of more than 100,000 hours. If this luminaire is installed at an office and is switched on for 10 hours a day, it is equivalent to a lifespan of 28 years. By comparison, the lifespan of a fluorescent tube is around 10,000-15,000 hours, whereas a halogen bulb is operational for around 1,000-2,000 hours.

The economic choice

It might seem like a mistake to write that LED lighting is the economic choice, but if you disagree, then read the two paragraphs above once again. Despite the fact that buying LED lighting is more expensive than buying traditional lighting, the return on investment is typically between one to two years for our products. This means that LED luminaires should be seen as a great investment rather than an expensive solution here and now.

Recently we installed LED lighting at Birkebo Nursing Home. The nursing home is able to save €2,000 a year on the utility bill, which contributes to reducing the return on investment drastically. And then the maintenance is not even included.

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