Guide: Be aware of the luminaire’s beam angle

Every light source and every luminaire come with different beam angles, and the beam angle itself is of great importance in relation to the final expression. Therefore, we dive into the importance of the beam angle in this week’s blog post, and we will supplement with examples from our own product range.

A luminaire’s beam angle is the angle at which the light is distributed. LED luminaires are particularly suited for projecting the light in a given direction, seeing that LED lighting offers endless opportunities. The vast majority of our LED luminaires come with different beam angle options, and they vary from 8 to 360 degrees.

Why is the beam angle important to me?

A luminaire’s beam angle affects how the room, the painting, or the table at the restaurant appear. In some situations, a direct light is preferred, in order to bring certain things into focus. An example could be at a museum, where paintings and sculptures often are illuminated with a beam angle in the low end of the spectrum. However, in other situations, it might be advantageous to light up as great an area as possible. This would be the case in a storage building, for example.

For this reason, you should consider which beam angle is best suited for your situation. You will find information about the luminaire’s beam angle in the datasheet.

What do we offer?

At Lumega, we are specialized in LED lighting, and, as a matter of course, we provide products with beam angles in both the high and low end of the scale; as well as everything in between. Most of our LED luminaires have beam angles of between 15 and 120 degrees and with many of our products, it is possible to choose from up to five different beam angles.

In the low end of the spectrum, we provide NS15 and NS18, which both come in versions with beam angles of as low as 8 degrees.

In the other end, you will find our pendant lamp NS53, which, due to its round shape, has a light distribution of 360 degrees.

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Consequently, you have endless opportunities in terms of LED luminaires and their beam angles and, therefore, it is important that you familiarize yourself with this. By this, we are able to satisfy your needs in the best possible way.

Are you in doubt about which beam angle suits your situation? Then do not hesitate to contact us! Our LED experts are ready to help you.

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