Guide: How to achieve huge energy savings on lighting

Do you want to know how you can achieve the biggest energy saving as well as a minimized maintenance? Then, you can with advantage read this blog which provides Facility Managers and other interested with an easy to use guide which can help you save money and time on the lighting!

Finding the right lighting can be a maze today when there exist a great number of lighting solutions and types on the market. Which lighting solution is actually the right answer for you? It does not get any easier when it comes to how to achieve the largest energy saving on lighting because there exist countless guides claiming to have the answer to this question. But what is really up and down when it comes to energy savings? In a time when optimizing processes are on everybody’s lips it is also worth considering how you can minimize the maintenance of the lighting solution to save time and money. However, neither in this case, it is easy to know exactly how to obtain this optimizing of the lighting.

To provide you with the answers you need and to create an overview of all these aspects, we have developed an easy to use guide describing to how to actually obtain the wanted energy savings and minimized maintenance.

If you work as a Facility Manager in this guide you can get the necessary information on how to optimize the lighting solution as much as possible. As a Facility Manager, you are often busy at work, but with some easy-to-apply steps, your job can become much easier and furthermore a lot of money can be saved which in return can be used for something more joyful. Thus, the selected steps are not difficult to apply and to carry out, but you can gain large advantages instantly by implementing them because the maintenance and renewal of lighting in the building will become much easier.

Keep on reading to find out how to gain energy savings and a minimized maintenance resulting in saved time and money.

Switch the traditional lighting sources to LED

Today there is no good reason to keep the traditional lighting sources. Traditional lighting sources are for example halogen lamps, fluorescent tubes and incandescent bulbs and all these lighting types have a number of disadvantages which can impair the lighting. Therefore, you can with advantage consider if the traditional lighting sources should be switched into LED which is much more effective and accomplishes to eliminate all the disadvantages of traditional lighting. Thus, LED lighting has many advantages benefitting both the environment and the economy. With LED lighting, you can, among other things, achieve massive energy savings because of LED’s long life expectancy. Furthermore, you can minimize the maintenance of the lighting because LED is a very stable and robust lighting type. You can read more about all the advantages of LED here.

If you only want to change the lighting source into LED but at the same time keep your current luminaires installed back in the days for fluorescent tubes this is easily made possible with our models NS20, NS21, and NS22. You see, these LED models fit perfectly into luminaries once installed for traditional fluorescent tubes. You can read more about our retrofit armatures here.

However, if you want to change the whole luminaire and install brand new LED luminaires there exist countless LED luminaires at the market which with advantages can be used. If you want a downlight, our model NS11 can be used. However, if you want to install a pendant luminaire, you can consider our models NS56, NS64 and NS90 which will all give you a number of advantages. You can read more about our line of exclusive pendant LED luminaries here. If you are looking for a linear luminaire, however, you can with advantage take a closer look at our model NS57 here. For spotlighting our model NS70 can be used.

Install activity sensors

A way to achieve large energy savings is furthermore installing activity sensors at strategic places. Constant lighting without regulation regarding activity is a large expense as well as a waste of energy. Thus, you can install activity sensors in the toilet areas, walking areas, and other places where there is no activity at all times. By turning off the lighting when no one is around, you can fast and easily reduce your energy savings.

Specifically, you can install a lighting sensor in the ceiling which is connected to the lighting source in the room as well as the light switch. In this way, the sensor will detect if somebody enters the room and the light will turn on.

Use daylight control

Daylight is a free and good type of lighting which should be used when possible. Thus, daylight can with advantage be incorporated into the lighting solution. Using daylight can quickly lead to energy savings if the daylight, for example, a few hours a day can be used instead of artificial lighting. Today there is a lot of focus on how to save money by using artificial lighting in rooms after nightfall. However, many of us forget to include daylight sufficiently in the lighting solution. Therefore, you can with advantage consider, how you can include daylight as much as possible during the day. This can be done by using daylight sensors placed in the window section of the room. This sensor can tone down the artificial lighting if there is a sufficient amount of daylight in the room.

Manage the exterior lighting

You can with advantage consider if your outdoor lighting is installed in a way which benefits both your economy and the inhabitants. Thus, with the right lighting solution, you can differentiate between different outdoor areas according to the specific area’s unique requirements and opportunities. For example, you can with advantage consider if less used areas such as backyard areas, in the night hours need less lighting than used so far as well as consider if you should install an activity sensor, so the light is only turned on when there is activity in the area. By applying differentiated lighting at different outdoor areas according to the activity level and safety level you can achieve a reduction of energy costs.

Install the most efficient emergency lighting

It is important to have to necessary emergency lighting if an accident should occur. However, not all types of emergency lighting are energy saving and therefore you can with advantage consider installing a type of emergency lighting which can give you energy savings. The best solution is uninstalling the old solution which is controlled by a key switch by the door. Then, you can install a LED luminaire, which is produced with an internal circuitry which enables the luminaire to control itself. In this way, you can do with maintaining the LED luminaire by a visual check on the LED screen at the luminaire and this saves both time and money. However, it is important to remember, that the LED luminaire once a year should undergo a thorough check for technical implications to optimize the safety of the inhabitants of the building.

Educate the residents

Maybe the most efficient way to achieve energy savings is by informing the inhabitants of the building of how to save energy. With the right guidance, you can educate the inhabitants on how to use less lighting by for example turning off the light when leaving a room.

Clean the luminaires

A simple yet very efficient advice is to clean the luminaires on a regular basis. LED luminaires are technical contractions which do not enjoy dust and dirt over a longer period of time. With a simple cleaning from time to time, you can optimize your lighting solution and you can avoid more comprehensive forms of maintenance by keeping your LED luminaires in a good condition.

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