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Guide: LED lighting for airports

20 August 2018

Guide: LED lighting for airports

The summer holidays are over in most countries, which means that airports around the world can get a brief ‘break’ before we get to autumn and people yet again get travel-minded. And airports are exactly what we are going to look into in this week’s blog post. Accordingly, we examine how airports can minimize their energy consumption by installing indoor and outdoor LED lighting.

Generally, international airports cover several square kilometres, and this huge area requires lighting. For many years, the airports used incandescent bulbs and metal halide lamps, but today an increasing amount of airports are investing in LED lighting. These airports have discovered that the energy consumption can be reduced by up to 70% when replacing traditional lighting with LED.

Rules and requirements

Installing lighting in an airport can be more complicated that one might think. Especially when it concerns outdoor lighting, where innumerable requirements must be met. First of all, the air control tower and the pilots cannot be subject to light interference, which means that the lighting may not disturb. Apart from that, the lighting poles cannot exceed a certain height, and then the lighting must contribute to guiding the airport’s passengers.

Indoor lighting

At Lumega we provide a number of luminaires, which all meet the specific requirements for airport lighting. This includes anything from downlights to panel lamps and linear luminaires.

NS11, NS46, and NS70 are three LED spots, which are cut out to indoor airport lighting. NS11 distinguish itself from other luminaires by having an IK classification of IK10, which means that the spot is resistant towards external influence such as strokes and other types of vandalism. NS46 is one of our most energy efficient downlights, whereas NS70 comes with an impressing colour rendering of CRI90+. In other words, we provide something for every taste.

Besides LED spots, we provide the linear luminaire NS50 as well as our popular panel lamp NS60, which are suited for lighting up big spaces. NS50 is an exclusive, linear luminaire, which can be tailored to any possible needs. The luminaire can either be mounted in the ceiling, in the wall, or as a pendant hanging from a wire. On the contrary, NS60 is characterized by its impressing energy efficiency of 142 LPW, which can contribute to minimizing the utility bill with more than 60% compared to traditional lighting.

Outdoor lighting

Apart from the great amount of LED luminaires for indoor use, Lumega provides several outdoor luminaires, which meet the airports’ restrictions.

NS91 is a robust LED luminaire, which makes it suited for hallways and passages. The luminaire performs well both as up- and downlight depending on the installation. Additionally, NS91 comes with IK10 and IP65, which makes it a perfect solution for outdoor areas.

Finally, we provide two LED floodlight projectors, which are both quite new in our product range. NS90 is a discrete yet intense floodlight, which has been approved as lighting for extreme weather conditions as one of the only luminaires on the market. OS0066 is a LED floodlight as well, but this model distinguish itself by being the most powerful in the Lumega portfolio. OS0066 emits between 78,000 lm and 156,000 lm but, at the same time, it is one of our most energy efficient.

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