Have you considered these 5 things when investing in High Bay Lighting?

There is a large selection of LED lighting available from many different manufacturers, so it can be difficult to know who and which High Bay products you should invest in. Our latest blog post in 2019 gives you five things to consider before choosing the right one. High Bay lighting is often used in areas that light up a large area and have high ceilings, such as places like warehouses, industrial buildings, factories and sports areas.

Research is important

Today, most High Bay fixtures consist of hundreds of small light-emitting diodes (LEDs) soldered to a PCB. This means that the light source cannot be replaced, the performance and lifespan are defined by the quality of the luminaire design. Therefore, it is essential to spend time researching the market so that you are invested in the right product.

Technology matters

You've probably heard it many times - switch to LED!
One of the main reasons why companies choose to switch to LED lighting is its many benefits. In comparison, incandescent bulbs measure 10-20 lumens per watt, while industrial light fixtures typically start at 140 lumens per watt. Another option offered by LED technology is the dimming function, which is a obvious choice when we talk High Bay. This allows you to achieve great savings, as this type only consumes energy when people are actually present in the room.

Invest in the quality of light over time

Two metrics used to determine the quality of light are CRI and CCT. CRI is the light source's ability to accurately reproduce colors on index 0-100, and CCT is the source color temperature, which is reproduced on a scale of 1,000 to 10,000 Kelvin. Many manufacturers choose to evaluate LED luminaires based on these parameters and will also list them in the product datasheets. What you need to be aware to look for is how the lamp will deliver after the original lifespan of the fixture after x number of hours. We see that efficiency can drop more than 10%, and this is exactly what is essential to consider before choosing to buy High Bay lighting.

* Here you see an example of a product's L70 / B10 which predicts that 10% of its LEDs may fail to produce 70% of the original light output after 105K operating hours at 25 degrees.

The importance of LED drivers

Controlling the temperatures of the LED matrix and optimizing the optical extraction efficiency are for elements delivered for the lifespan and performance of the luminaire. You may experience some LED High Bay luminaires equipped with drivers that deliver only between 25,000 and 50,000 hours at a certain temperature of e.g. 25 degrees. Therefore, make sure the product you choose has been considered in controlling the driver's lifespan besides the LEDs.

Buy luminaires focusing on the future

Products and technology are getting smarter and more intelligent - lighting is no exception. You may not see the great value in investing in a system where you can control the light according to your needs. Just keep in mind that a high-quality High Bay fixture will also be usable for the next several years. It is important that you choose a solution that will be relevant now and, in the future, so that you are not forced to use a potentially outdated or incompatible system in a few years.