Healthy lighting: Can LED improve the work environment and efficiency in the office?

In the fourth article in our series about healthy lighting we take a closer look at office lighting. What is the connection between LED and work quality? And what does this have to do with the changing work environment in today’s offices? If you want to know the answer to these questions, this article will give you the answers that you are looking for.

It might be easy to think that lighting in the workplace is "just lighting" and that there is nothing more to it. However, this is absolutely not the case. In fact, the focus on office lighting has never been higher and with good reason. Today’s workplaces and office environments have been undergoing a massive change over the last years towards a more dynamic and open office structure.

Today, every organization must keep in mind that LED office lighting is more than ever an essential resource for the employees in supporting their dynamic and multifaceted work activities. In this way, it is crucial that the lighting in the office can support these work activities and that the lighting fits for its people and not just for the interior of the office.

The new dynamic and open office structure combined with today’s focus on the well-being of employees raise new demands for LED office lighting. The way in which we light up our offices must change to keep up with the changing ways in which we use our offices.

Due to the new demands for lighting in the workplace, the British Council of Offices has published a Guide to Lighting to give organizations practical guidance and interpretation in the relation to the requirements of lighting standards in the workplace existing today. The overall message of the guide is that above all other things the organization must support the employees by providing comfortable lighting within the workplace.

But how can these new demands on office lighting due to the new office structure be accommodated? And how can the organization live up to the guidelines of the British Council of Offices’ guide?

Can LED be the solution?

To solve this challenge, the organization can with advantage implement LED lighting solutions in the offices to create a healthier work environment in the office by improving the conditions of the employees in relation to performance and satisfaction. Not only is LED an extremely energy-efficient and cost-saving lighting solution, it has also been proved that LED can enhance the quality of work environment including work productivity and well-being of employees.

The latest research shows that LED lighting can increase the work efficiency up to 19 % because LED contains more colors than other lighting solutions on the market. Now let’s take a look at different LED concepts that can meet the new lighting demands of today.

Different LED concepts

It is now clear that LED has a very positive effect of LED on the work environment. But what specific LED solutions can be used to improve the work environment and efficiency in the office? We will now give you a list of some concrete and practical examples:

  • Pendant luminaries: Characteristic for the pendant luminaries is that this LED solution can be suspended from the ceiling with wires. The pendant luminary is an excellent choice if you want to light up a larger office area with overall lighting.

  • Build-in luminaries: Build-in luminaries are attached to the ceiling in the office. In the same way as the pendant luminaries, the built-in luminaries can with advantage be used as an overall lighting of the entire office to support the tasks of the employees.

  • Table lamps and floor lamps: With table lamps, you can easily supplement for example pendant luminaries or the built-in luminaries in office. In other words, table lamps can give you the extra light you need for working on an important assignment at your desk. With floor lamps, you can get the same effect. Floor lamps are created to either projecting light downwards or upwards and this can also be used in various working situations.

  • Dynamic lighting: It is also possible to get a LED lamp creating dynamic lighting. This means, that the color temperature of the lamp changes during the day. For example, the LED light could start out at a cold temperature in the morning and midday and then change into warmer light in the afternoon.

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