Healthy lighting: LED can improve the quality of life in agriculture

In the third article in our series about Healthy Lighting, we will look at LED in agriculture. How can the change to LED improve the quality of the animal’s life? And what does the farmer needs to pay attention to when designing the lighting? We will give you the answers here.

The lighting in agriculture has been proven to be important for the animal’s health. Uniform lighting, which you will experience with LED, helps to improve health and productivity, amongst other things, both for the animals and the farmer. LED has proven to be a good investment in the agriculture, and below we will give you some examples that show why.

Generally, there are several things you need to consider when designing the lighting in a pen. For instance, there is good evidence that pigs’ eyes are not adapted to extremely bright light, but they might be better suited to dim levels of natural lights. This means, that high-intensity lighting like spotlights should be avoided. Also, as pigs like to sleep in darkness or dim light, it is preferable that lying areas are not as brightly lit as the rest of the pen.

Bad lighting can cause stress

If the pen is lit every twenty-four hours, it will most likely promote stress for the animals. Most LED solutions that you can buy today comes with the possibility to dim the lights. This will provide dawn and dusk periods, which will reduce the stress level. Also, the competition for food when the lights are switched on in the morning will be reduced, as well as the potentially startling effects when lights are switched on or off. Another thing that might also stress the animals is flicker from traditional light sources, which previously has been proven to be a problem in agriculture.

LED improves the quality of life

As mentioned above, traditional light sources might promote stress in agriculture, among other things because of flicker in the lights. LED will help reduce the level of stress, as they do not flicker. Lumega's NS20 Retrofit LED tubes can improve the quality of the pen, both for the farmers and the animals. The color balance in LEDs have also shown to reduce aggression and the good lighting from LEDs makes it is easier for the farmer to work and to spot any signs of disease.

If you contact Lumega, we can help you create the perfect lighting solution that fits your needs.

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