How to enhance your quality of life with LED lighting

You might not consider it a big deal, but a light source’s colour temperature can be crucial and can affect anything from our quality of life to our efficiency. Therefore, we take a closer look at how to control the luminous colour with some LED luminaires.

LED lighting has developed drastically during the last couple of years. Not more than a decade ago, the light-emitting diodes were generally associated with cheap fairy lights but today, LED has outcompeted traditional lighting in many ways. Apart from an increased lifespan and less maintenance, one of the main reasons is that the colour temperature from some LED luminaires is adapted to the circadian rhythm.

Tunable white

Tunable white, daylight control, or circadian lighting. These are all similar concepts covering products that imitate the circadian rhythm by continuous changes in the colour temperature. At sunrise, the sun emits a reddish light in the low end of the Kelvin scale. During the day the light becomes brighter, which then changes to a bluish light in the middle of the day. At sunset, the procedure is repeated in reverse order. Consequently, the colour temperature emitted from the sun changes constantly and this is what tunable white imitates. Read more about Kelvin and colour temperatures in our previous blog post here.

Enhanced efficiency and quality of life

Studies show that the circadian rhythm has a positive and calming influence on human beings. For that reason, it might be a good idea to consider lighting with tunable white at places where you are not naturally exposed to sunlight during the day. In classrooms, daylight control can affect the students’ stress level positively and make them engaged in the teaching. This is apparent at offices as well, where the employees will experience an increased level of efficiency. Finally, tunable white can contribute to a faster recovery if patients are exposed to this lighting at hospital wards.

What do we offer?

At Lumega, we are proud of offering LED luminaires with tunable white. Whether you are interested in downlights, pendants, or LED strips, we have a solution for you. In total, we have six tunable white products in our portfolio:

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