Introduction: Sport Stadiums – Light isn’t just light

Thanks to LED technology, sport stadiums can give the audience a much bigger and wilder experience. It is no longer just the match the fans want to see, also entertainment like spectacular light shows. In this blog post, we will highlight the biggest 2 benefits of switching to LED lighting.

A lot of lighting equipment is needed for stadiums, because it has to illuminate a very large area. If you are using traditional light sources, we see that the lighting often has to be switched on an hour before kickoff, and takes about 30 minutes to warm up. At the same time, traditional lighting does not allow you to adjust it to specific needs. Precisely for this reason, sport stadiums are recognizing how to use the advanced technology of the LED to their advantage.

Increased Lighting Requirements

More and more sport stadiums and clubs are choosing to switch to LED in order become compliance to the latest standards and increased requirements demanded by sports federations and TV broadcasters if we are talking about major clubs that a part of a league – both national and international. You may be thinking; it is not the level our stadium is going to be used to? Regardless of the level, players will benefit from LED lighting which will provide more monotonous, flicker-free light and the LEDs ensure quality light.

Focus on Experience Economy

One of the significant advantages LED offers is the ability to adapt the light to the purpose needed for any project. This is a major advantage that stadiums should be considering. LED solutions can be programmed for when the light needs to be dim, explosively lit or change color. The possibilities are many and will be adapted according to the needs. It is almost only your creativity that sets the limits.

This way you take the function of light to a higher level, giving the audience an extraordinary experience. Several clubs are creating explosive light shows mixed with music in for example half-time as entertainment. Lighting is no longer lighting you turned on and off at a button, it’s much more – it’s a step further, what we call IoT, which makes lighting a little smarter. We believe that is the new way of thinking in the lighting industry. It makes it possible to control lighting from any digital device.

Take Advantage of the many possibilities of LED Technology

We used to go watching a match and the light would be the same before, during and after. Today we can control everything. Light is no longer just light, and the experience the audience is left with, is no longer the same. Take control and give a little extra to your visitors – they will remember you for it.

Next week we will talk about how lighting can boost milk production.

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