IoT: Smart control of lighting

The Internet of Things (IoT) which makes everyday objects intelligent through sensors, machine-to-machine communication, and microprocessors, enables you to control your lighting system in an entirely new way.

With the IoT, the lighting infrastructure of a complete city can be easily controlled. But because of the great development of technology, IoT can also be used privately in homes and the new technology can integrate interior and exterior light fixtures. Other than changing the way we control lights, IoT also offers the ability to track non-lighting metrics such as physical assets, building performance, and human activity.

Controlling light in a smarter way

Many major lighting companies are developing IoT platforms and creating smarter ways to control your light in the house. It is now possible to control the light wirelessly, but the industry is still testing and developing the products in order to make them accessible to the masses. It is important to understand the technology behind the product, and therefore, tests of the reliability and the security of data are performed.

Another cool feature in IoT is positioning sensors. With these sensors, the light can track movement and adjust to them. But, it is important to strategically choose what type of sensor to use and how many you need. The sensors vary in price, which is important to have in mind when designing your lighting system. Not surprisingly, you should also make sure that the system you pick is future-proof. Choosing a sensor which can be upgraded remotely and is built like a computer is important.

The future of lighting

We believe, that smart lighting is the future and represents a good investment. When investing in this type of system, you can save project costs, as well as save on lighting controls and reduced operation and maintenance expenses. Furthermore, you will experience an improved energy efficiency of LEDs compared to traditional light sources.

Lumega offers various products and lighting solutions that are applicable with IoT. For more information about the technology and products, please contact us today.

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