IoT: Smart lighting that improves your everyday

The Internet of Things (IoT) is the new black in the LED industry and at Lumega we are sure that this is the lighting of tomorrow. Do you consider to invest in an IoT system or are you not updated on how you can benefit from IoT? Then this week’s blog post is cut out to you!

You have probably heard about it and you may even have IoT products yourself in your home already. IoT can be explained with four words – connection of electronic devices. Today, you can control everything from your house’s heating to the sprinklers in your garden through your smartphone. This is also the case for your lighting, which can easily be regulated with a single click on the phone. But IoT is much more than that. IoT lighting is equipped with sensors to register activity and this provides endless opportunities for the consumer. Previously, we have written a more detailed blog post about IoT, but in this post, we take a closer look at how IoT lighting can improve your everyday.

IoT in the supermarkets

Optimize your grocery shopping with smart lighting. It might sound crazy, but an increasing amount of supermarkets implement IoT lighting, which can contribute to making the customers visit run smoother.

Apart from that, IoT lighting can find a specific customer through the built-in sensors and send information to the customer’s smartphone about product offers physically close to the customer in the supermarket. Furthermore, IoT lighting can contribute to planning the quickest possible route through the supermarket based on the customer’s buying patterns. In this way, the customer can optimize the visit considerably.

IoT on the roads

By combining the IoT sensors with tiny cameras, smart lighting can make the traffic run smoother. As an example, IoT lighting can be combined with traffic lights and electronic signs, by which the lighting can contribute to regulating and redirecting traffic.

Additionally, IoT lighting can be used to inform motorists about unoccupied parking spaces. In several cities throughout the world, the motorists can obtain this information through real-time apps.

Smart lighting can also be beneficial to airports, railway stations and other places where safety is a top priority. The IoT sensors can detect driving patterns and report suspicious activity.

IoT outdoor

As described, it is not only beneficial to employ smart lighting at home. Outdoor, IoT lighting can optimize a city’s safety by means of tiny microphones in the lighting poles, which can warn about accidents on the roads as an example.

Apart from that, the built-in sensors can be used to monitor containers and garbage bins and inform the city’s refuse collection teams about where these are located as well as when they need to be emptied.

Finally, lighting poles with IoT technology can predict when the lighting should be inspected and inform the municipality about this. In this way, the municipality can save a great share on maintenance.

Interested in IoT?

Did this blog post make you open-minded towards IoT lighting, or are you already convinced that the IoT technology will be a part of your upcoming project? Then do not hesitate to contact us. Several of our products and lighting systems can be used with IoT, so chances that we have something for you are high.

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