LED creates perfect lighting in open spaces

Open spaces require good quality lighting. When traditional light sources are used in outdoor spaces, they are using an enormous amount of energy, which is very expensive. Furthermore, they might not be the perfect solution.

The recycling station in Herlev, Denmark has chosen to substitute their traditional lighting solution with an LED lighting solution, which has resulted in great energy savings. They were not satisfied with their previous lighting solution and searched for a solution which was both energy-efficient and would be a good substitute to the previous solution. The previous solution did not light up the open space in a satisfying way, especially in the winter and after nightfall.
The previous solution existed of 250W metal halide lamps which were substituted with 90W Arcade LED lamps. These LED lamps have a very long lifetime and are very energy-efficient. Actually, the lifetime of the new LED lamps is five times longer than the old lamps’ lifetime. The LED modules and driver are easily changed which makes the maintenance very simple. Furthermore, the prices on the lamps are very competitive and the new LED lights are covered by a long warranty scheme.
After changing the lighting solution to LED, both the employees and the customers have been very satisfied with the new solution, which fits perfectly in open spaces such as the recycling station.

This example shows, that it is good to consider LED lighting if you want a saving on the electricity bill. The LED lights are a perfect substitute when you want to light up an open space with an energy-saving lighting solution.

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