LED Guide: Wall-mounted lighting

There exist many types of lighting: floor lamps, table lamps, and ceiling mounted luminaires etc. In other words, there are many opportunities when lighting, for example, the home, the office or a third place. This week's blog post focuses on wall mounted lighting and how you with advantage can apply this type of luminaires in an efficient and decorative manner at various locations both indoor and outdoor.

When you are considering installing a new lighting solution there are various types of lighting that you can choose between halogen spots fluorescent tubes, incandescent bulbs and LED. The market for lighting is undergoing some changes these years and trend today is replacing traditional lighting sources, that is halogen spots, fluorescent tubes, incandescent bulbs with what the professionals call ‘the lighting source of the future’ – that is LED. If you want to know more about why LED is such a popular lighting solution today you can read much more about this revolutionizing lighting type’s many advantages here.

There are many types of LED wall-mounted luminaires on the market each with unique characteristics. Which lamp you should choose for your project depends on what is most important to you: must the lamp provide efficient lighting or is the most important thing that the lamp gives are more decorative and cozy lighting? You can with advantage consider the purpose of the lighting when buying wall mounted luminaires. In this way, you will get a solution with which you can realize your lighting ambitions.

The market for LED can seem like a jungle of producers consisting of countless LED models to consider. This can easily create some confusion and it can become unclear which LED models and producer you should choose when buying wall-mounted lighting.

Therefore, in this guide, we focus on some of our LED models for wall mounted lighting so that you can get some inspiration and guidance as to which types of luminaires to buy. If you need further information from an LED professional for guidance, you can contact us for a non-committal talk. Furthermore, in Lumega we have a wide network of other producers, so if have special needs or wants that do not seem to be met on our own website we can most likely be at help anyhow.

The guide below is categorized so that the preliminary focus is on indoor lighting with LED wall-mounted luminaires for various locations and then the focus switches into outdoor lighting at various locations. This categorization is smart because indoor and outdoor lighting make different demands both in relation to efficiency, safety, and robustness.

Indoor lighting with LED wall-mounted luminaires

In relation to indoor lighting, it is important to be clear on the main purpose of the lighting it respectively efficient lighting or cozy and decorative lighting.

If you are looking for a decorative and cozy ambiance in the home, office or a third place you can consider a LED model with a ‘wall washing effect’. Lamps of this kind can give a nice atmosphere through the sophisticated, indirect lighting that the wall washing effect creates. For decorative indoor lighting, you can with advantage consider our model NS66 which can wash the wall in beautiful, clear and warm lighting.

On the other hand, if you are looking for a more efficient and powerful lighting for indoor use, you can with advantage consider a mini wall mounted LED luminaire. We are launching an exclusive mini wall mounted LED luminaire soon, see the picture below. With this model, you can get a more efficient lighting of the room, however, the lighting is still warm and comfortable.

Outdoor lighting with LED wall-mounted luminaires

In relation to outdoor lighting, it is important to be aware of how well the wall mounted luminaire can provide good orientation, safety and the right ambiance in the area around the home, the office building or a third location. The right wall lighting luminaire can create a safe and cozy environment when it gets dark out. Specifically, the lighting must provide efficient lighting so that people can orientate themselves and feel safe. If you want wall mounted luminaires that can meet these qualifications, it is important to look for well-produced and quality lamps as well as considering how the wall mounted luminaries can be placed in the best strategic way.

As examples of models suitable for this purpose, our model NS91 is an option. NS91 is a wall mounted luminaire for overall area lighting and can be installed as both an uplight and downlight lamp. Furthermore, the lamp provides very efficient lighting and is a robust lamp, which can be delivered with various optics, so that you easily can adjust NS91 to your specific lighting needs of the outdoor area.

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Contact us to learn more about the impressive benefits of LED and start improving your lighting solution with LED today.

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