LED lighting for chickens

Previously, we have told you about healthy LED lighting in agriculture. The latest research shows that uneven lighting stresses the chickens and make them crowd in small enlightened areas. For this reason, the intention of this blog is to focus specifically on how LED lighting can contribute to improving the environment in broiler stables.

Correct stage lighting is of great importance to the broilers’ health. By providing homogeneous lighting in the stable, the farmer prevents that some areas are illuminated more than others. Accordingly, high degrees of coverage entails that the chickens fight to get the best spots in the stable. Replacing the lighting with LED is one solution to this problem. Hereby, the farmer will optimize the conditions in the stable and ensure the best possible conditions for the broilers.

Fluorescent tubes vs. LED lighting

Danish broiler stables are typically enlightened by traditional fluorescent tubes. One of the major disadvantages associated with utilizing fluorescent tubes is the rapid decrease of luminous power. In general, fluorescent tubes will lose 80% of its luminous intensity within the first six months. Apart from that, the tubes are typically replaced separately, which altogether results in irregular lighting in the stable. Furthermore, the fluorescent tubes will start flickering over time, which, unnecessarily, will stress the chickens.

By replacing the fluorescent tubes with LED luminaires the farmer will be able to provide consistent lighting throughout the stable for the benefit of the broilers. This is possible with LED, seeing that the lifetime of LED luminaires is relatively longer than the lifetime of traditional light sources such as fluorescent tubes. The average lifetime of LED luminaires is 50,000 hours, which is five times the average lifetime of fluorescent tubes. Accordingly, LED lighting last approximately 30 years. In addition, there is almost no maintenance associated with LED lighting due to the long lifetime, which contributes to the homogenous lighting as well. However, LED lighting is not only of benefit to the chickens. Owing to the lifetime of the light-emitting diodes, the farmer can save up to 70% on electricity by replacing traditional light sources with LED. Apart from that, the return on investment is typically less than one year, wherefore LED lighting is both an energy efficient as well as a sustainable solution.

Why choose Lumega?

At Lumega we are specialists in LED lighting and if you choose us, you are ensured the most recent LED technology. We are one of the only suppliers to provide circadian lighting, which means that the luminaire’s light colour is adjusted automatically in harmony with the circadian rhythm. This can reduce the chickens’ amount of stress as well as increase the egg production.

During the last five years, agricultural lighting has become an area of greater interest. Researchers have looked at how correct stage lighting can contribute to optimizing the conditions in the stables, wherefore several of our products are suitable for agricultural use.

In order for a LED luminaire to be utilized in stables, it must be able to handle extreme impacts such as dust, moisture, and temperatures of up to 50 degrees Celsius. For this reason, we have selected three of our luminaires, which are suited for broiler stables.

OS0028 is a retrofit LED tube. OS0028 is designed as a replacement for common fluorescent tubes and can be installed directly in the existing luminaire. Moreover, OS0028 has a 300-degree diffusion of light, which contributes to consistent lighting throughout the stable.

Another example of broiler stable lighting is NS56. NS56 is a robust, linear LED luminaire, which is customized to fit in rough environments. The luminaire can be installed directly in the ceiling or be suspended from a wire.

NS94 is the third and last example of LED lighting for stables. NS94 is a high bay luminaire suited to rooms with a height of six to 20 metres. Beyond that, the luminaire’s cooling surface is dimensioned, which ensures that NS94 is operational even at high temperatures.

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