LED lighting in the public sector: Why can the local authorities use LED with advantage?

Our new blog post is the first in our new miniseries of blog post focusing on how LED lighting can be used in the public sector with advantage. This blog post gives you an overview of why the local authorities should use LED lighting at schools, hospitals, nursing homes and office buildings.

In Denmark, the public sector is large and has a significant role in the Danish society model. The public sector handles services for the citizens and manages the public bureaucracy.

Among these services, the public sector offers education for all ages, hospitals for when we get sick as well as nursing homes for the elderly.

In Denmark, the public sector employs many people in for example various administrative positions and thus, many buildings must be used for several government agencies or local authorities.

One common thing among education-, health and care institutions as well as office buildings is the importance of good and efficient lighting. A safe bet on a type of lighting which can live up to the demands in the public sector is LED lighting.

Characteristic for LED lighting is the high lighting quality and long lifetime which reduces the maintenance to an absolute minimum. LED lighting is a very environment-friendly type of lighting and by using LED you can achieve highly reduced energy costs.

Below you see an overview of how the local authorities can benefit from the correct lighting for administering and developing the various institutions and office buildings:

  • Education institutions: Various experiments have led to the knowledge that lighting plays a crucial role in the learning process of children. Using LED, you have countless opportunities to adjust the lighting so it fits the particular situation for example class teaching and group work. *

  • Health institutions: It has been proved that LED lighting enhances the well-being of humans and animals. Therefore, it is smart to use LED to light up hospitals to improve the sick peoples live quality*

  • Nursing homes: As well as with health institutions, LED can be used to improve the elderly’s life quality in their everyday life.

  • Office buildings: LED lighting can reduce tiredness and enhance the working efficiency at for example municipalities heightening the productivity.

The following weeks’ blog posts explore the various institutions in depth and we will take a closer look at the special needs of each institution type and how LED can help.

In next week the focus is on lighting in health institutions.

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