LED lighting in the spare time: How to light up a museum, gallery or exhibition with LED

You probably don’t think about it but a lot of the places that you visit in your spare time is depending on good and efficient lighting to support the activities taking place. This blog is a part of our theme “LED lighting in the spare time” and it is about how LED lighting with advantage can be applied places which many of us visit for our hobbies or other spare time activities. In the theme’s third blog we take a closer look at how LED can be used to light up a museum, gallery or exhibition. So if you, for example, administer a museum or enjoy art in your spare time you should keep on reading to find out more about how LED can be used to light up art!

A museum, gallery or exhibition have unique requirements for the lighting of the displayed art. Art comes in different sizes and forms that because of this the lighting of art is extra challenging. There is not a single solution that fits in every situation – there is no “one size fits all” solution available. Thus, exhibitions in movement, exhibits in showcases, free-standing exhibits and exhibits on the wall require their respective lighting solution that enables them to be presented in the best possible way to the delight of the visitors. If this is not kept in mind in relation to the lighting solution at the museum, gallery or exhibition you will risk that the visitors don’t get the full experience of the art. In other words, it is crucial to consider the lighting, so the art is supported in the best way possible.

You can with advantage consider installing LED light at the museum, gallery or exhibition. With the many advantages of LED light, you can easily say that this type of lighting is the best on the market today. Among all the advantages of LED is this lighting type’s energy saving quality which can reduce your energy costs as well as give you a more environmental-friendly profile. Furthermore, LED is also enriched by a very high lighting quality and a long life-expectancy and this can reduce the maintenance cost to an absolute minimum. At Lumega we offer you LED solutions with the same color rendering as halogen bulbs. Thus, we offer LED lighting with CRI98 (color rendering index), whereas halogen bulbs have CRI99. The warm lighting gives the perfect reproduction of for example paintings and sculptures at the museum.

To get started considering lighting at the museum, gallery or exhibition you can get some inspiration from our guide with highlighting 4 selected LED concepts which each in a different way can help you achieve optimal lighting of the art objects:

  • Spotlight: It is characteristic for spotlighting, that the light is intensified by a powerful lighting beam pointing in a specific direction. Spotlight can among other things be used to highlight certain art objects. Our LED models NS72, NS73 and NS74 are high-quality track spotlights in a nice and minimalistic design, which has an exceptional good lighting quality and pleasant light dimming. The spot luminaires are fastened at a track which supports a flexible lighting solution.

  • Wall lighting: It is also a good idea to install wall lighting for a more general lighting of the room. There exist many types of wall lighting, but it is worth highlighting luminaires with a so-called “wall washing” effect. A luminaire with this effect provides indirect and diffused lighting which can create a certain atmosphere in the room. Our model NS66 is an up-light luminaire which can open the room up. NS66’s beautiful indirect lighting gives a “wall washing” effect lighting up the wall in a nice and comfortable way.

  • Ceiling lighting: A classic way to create general lighting is via ceiling lighting. In the same way as with wall lighting, there exist many types of ceiling lighting. If you don’t just want a ‘practical’ solution but also a nice-looking and decorative solution aluminum tracks can be used. Aluminum tracks can create a continuous light row systems. The tracks can be used for LED stripsand this enables you to develop an architectonically beautiful solution creating an effect of good-looking lines of lighting in the ceiling.

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