LED lighting in the spare time: How to light up a spa, indoor swimming pool and inground swimming pool with LED

You probably don’t think about it but a lot of the places that you visit in your spare time is depending on good and efficient lighting to support the activities taking place. This blog is a part of our theme “LED lighting in the spare time” and it is about how LED lighting with advantage can be applied places which many of us visit for our hobbies or other spare time activities. In the theme’s fourth blog we take a closer look at how LED can be used to light up a spa, indoor swimming pool, and inground swimming pool. So, if you administer a public swimming pool, owns a spa or inground swimming pool or simply enjoy visiting these places in your spare time you can find out more on this blog about how these places with advantage can be lighted up with LED!

More and more people get an inground pool installed in the backyard and It can be an enjoyable experience visiting an indoor swimming pool or spa in the spare time with the kids, friends, or partner. But for the swimmers to get the full experience it is crucial that you have the right lighting solution installed so the activities in the inground pool, indoor swimming pool or spa is supported in the best possible way. When installing this lighting solution there are several things to keep in mind, for example, underwater lighting, general lighting, lighting design as well as the harsh environment around the pool or spa consisting of chlorine, moisture, and heat. It is important to have the right lighting solution that takes this into account.

LED can easily be called the most optimal lighting solution in the market today and therefore it is also worth considering if you should install LED in in the inground pool, indoor swimming pool or spa and harvest all the benefits of LED for the advantage of the swimmers and the economy. LED has become so popular due to this lighting type’s many advantages in relation to lighting quality, the environment, the financial situation and the maintenance. High-quality LED has the best lighting quality on the market today and furthermore LED is a very environmental-friendly solution because of LED’s long expected lifetime. Thus, LED is very energy saving and you can gain massive reduction on the electricity bill by installing LED because LED in addition also is a robust and stable solution which only needs minimal maintenance.

We have made a guide to give you some inspiration as to how an inground pool, indoor swimming pool or spa efficiently can be lighted up with LED:

Underwater lighting in both spa, indoor swimming pool, and inground pool

It is important that the entire underwater area is lighted up so that the people in the water can keep themselves orientated so that no accidents occur. In other words, the most important consideration is how to secure the swimmers’ safety. In relation to this, you can consider this:

  • Where, how many and how should the LED luminaires be placed under the water to light the water up in the best possible way? The answer to this question has among other things to do with:
  • The pool's size, shape, and depth. You see, these factors influence how the lighting source works in the water in the specific pool.

But which LED luminaires function well as underwater lighting? It is important that the luminaire is waterproof and robust because it has to be able to withstand water chlorine and moisture. Furthermore, it is important that the luminaire provides good and intense lighting. As an inspiration to luminaries which you can use as underwater lighting with advantage please view our models NS14, NS15 and NS16.

Lighting up the spa

Visiting a spa must be a luxurious and exclusive experience with relaxation and self-indulgence is in focus. It is, therefore, important to create the right ambiance which can give the visitors exactly this experience. A good way to create this atmosphere of luxury and relaxation is via the lighting. The lighting is a crucial factor in creating the ambiance in a room and it, therefore, must be considered carefully which lighting solution should be installed in the spa. A tip when wanting to create a unique ambiance is to use decorative LED lighting combining efficient and architectural lighting. For general lighting of the room the following decorative concepts can be considered:

  • ‘Starry sky’ in the ceiling – By implementing many small LED spots into the ceiling you can create a ‘beautiful night sky full of stars’ shining over the spa area. Our model NS19 can with advantage be used for this purpose because it is the smallest LED spot on the marked.
  • ‘Lines of lighting’ in the ceiling – By using aluminum tracks wherein LED strips have been implemented, you can create beautiful looking ‘lines of lighting’ lighting up the spa area. You can read more about aluminum tracks and LED strips here.

Lighting up the indoor swimming pool

Even though the visitors may not notice it directly lighting does play an important role when lighting up an indoor swimming pool because the lighting supports the applicability of the pool as well as the various activities taking place. It is necessary that the light enhances the safety of the visitors, however, the lighting solution also has an aesthetic aspect to it. There are several things to consider when lighting an indoor swimming pool of which the three most important are:

  • Consider the purpose of the pool and arrange the lighting accordingly - Is the pool used for fun and playing or on the other hand swimming competitions?
  • Consider which color temperature the underwater lighting should have – It is recommended that you use ‘white’ lighting for lighting up the pool. Choose LED luminaires with a color temperature of approximately 5700 K (Kelvin) since this temperature will optimize the visibility in the pool and thereby make it easier to orientate yourself in the water.
  • Consider which general lighting to use in the hall – You can use various types of LED luminaires for lighting up the area above water. Thus, you can use pendant luminaires hanging from the ceiling as well as a LED spotlight system. Once again it is important to remember that these luminaires must be robust and capable of withstanding the tough circumstances in an aqueous environment. A safe bet at a robust, pendant luminaire is our model NS64. In relation to a spotlight system, a solid luminaire can be used for example our model NS90.

Lighting up the inground pool and the surrounding area

If you already own or consider purchasing an in-ground swimming pool in the yard there are some things to be aware of. Thus, it is both necessary to install underwater lighting and lighting in the area around the pool to optimize the experience and the safety. Furthermore, it is also worth considering the architectural aspect of LED lighting and you can go searching to design an exquisite LED solution with cool features taking your pool to the next level in relation to elegance and style. Here are some trendy concepts you can consider:

  • Colorful underwater lighting – It is possible to install underwater lighting which can be projected in many nice colors. A safe bet on a waterproof luminaire perfect for creating the right atmosphere by using colors is our model NS15 which is available in white, blue, red, golden and silver.
  • Decorative lighting in the area around the pool – Don’t forget the area around the pool! It can enhance the style and aesthetics installing a good-looking LED lighting around the pool. It is possible to use inground spots which are built into the, for example, the flagstones around the pool. For this, our model NS96 is a good choice. Moreover, you can also install bollards which can be strategically placed around the pool. For this, you can with advantage use our model NS85.

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