LED lighting in the spare time: How to light up a sports hall with LED

You probably don’t think about it but a lot of the places that you visit in your spare time is depending on good and efficient lighting to support the activities taking place. This blog is a part of our theme “LED lighting in the spare time“ and it is about how LED lighting with advantage can be applied places which many of us visit for our hobbies or other spare time activities. In the theme’s second blog we take a closer look at how LED can be used to light up a sports hall. So if you administer a sports hall or just go to a sports hall in your spare time by reading this blog you can learn more about lighting of sports halls!

There exist many kinds of sports halls, and they must be able to accommodate a variety of activities and branches of sport. But no matter what the sports hall is accommodating, it is always important that the lighting is in order. Without the right sports lighting, the visitors’ experience in the sports hall will be poorer and their activity hindered by the due to inferior lighting. In other words, it is important to be aware if the lighting in the sports hall is good enough so that the activities taking place are supported in the best possible way.

In many ways, LED can be said to be the best type of lighting on the market today and therefore it is worth considering if you should install LED in the sports hall. LED is a very energy saving type of lighting and by changing into LED you can achieve huge savings on the electricity bill as well as achieve a more environment-friendly profile. But LED lighting is not just good for the environment – LED light is also known for its good lighting quality and its long lifetime. The long lifetime ensures that maintenance will be almost eliminated.

To make it easy and simple we have divided the guide into four concepts classified by what your main priority is when choosing a LED lighting solution:

  • The most powerful lighting solution: Powerful lighting can be the right choice if the lighting must support activities or sports which are extra dependent on good lighting. If you are looking for a LED luminaire which can provide powerful and intensive lighting, you can consider your model NS94. This pendant luminaire is furthermore very robust and energy saving.

  • The practical solution: It is necessary to have general lighting in the sports hall which is able to light up a larger area. If you want a practical lighting solution, which works as the all-around lighting of the sports hall, our model NS56 is an excellent choice. This model is specially developed to light up rooms with a floor-to-ceiling height of up to 5 meters, and furthermore, this luminaire has an incredibly long lifetime on 60.000 hours.

  • The shortest payback time: Choosing a lighting solution is also an economic decision. If you want the LED solution with the shortest payback time, you can with advantage install the retrofit LED tube NS20. This model is unique because it can be implemented in luminaires which are already installed in the ceiling for fluorescent tubes. So, if you already have luminaires you can just apply our NS20 directly into these.

  • The architectural solution: lighting doesn’t have to be only a practical arrangement – it can also be a stylish and architectural choice. If you are looking for LED lighting to the sports hall which is nice and designed to make out an architectural part of the interior, a linear LED system of aluminum profiles can be the right choice. You can with advantage consider your linear system model B7. This luminaire on two meters can either be installed as a continuous light line from one end of the room to the other or as light lines placed different places in the room.

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