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Light up the construction site with LED

22 May 2018

Light up the construction site with LED

No matter the size of the construction site it is always necessary to know whether the lighting of the construction site is planned, arranged, and implemented correctly. But what requirements are there for the lighting of a construction site? And what are the advantages of using LED? Read this blog and get the answer!

In the winter period and in the night, it is necessary to use artificial lighting at the construction site. At these points of time, daylight is not sufficient to carry out the construction work. Therefore, it is necessary to use artificial lighting at the construction site to support the work process and general activities in the area.

Why is it important to have the right lighting at the construction site?

It is important to use good and efficient lighting at the construction site because the right lighting can help eliminate the risk of accidents happening as you can easily see what you are doing. In other words, it is crucial to always keep track of the planning, arrangement, and implementation of the artificial lighting at the construction site because the correct lighting solution can prevent work-related injuries.

In this relation, it is worth considering how you can light up the construction site in the best way as well as the concrete requirements existing to enhance the security of the people working at the construction site.

Which requirements exist for the lighting of construction sites?

There exist a wide range of requirements for the lighting of construction sites. In Danish law exists an act which regulates building and construction work. In this act’s chapter 7, the rules of lighting are regulated. Below we have selected some of the most important requirements:

  • The construction site must be illuminated with artificial lighting when daylight is not sufficient so that the work can be carried out in a secure manner.
  • The lighting must not generate a glare, reflection, or heat.
  • The circulation area must be illuminated to support safe movement around the construction site.
  • The lighting must at least be 25 lux in light intensity.
  • The colour used for the artificial lighting must not change or influence the notion of the signposting.
  • The lighting installation at the construction site must be situated at places where it does not provide a safety risk for the workers.

3 pieces of advice for lighting up the construction site

There exists a lot of good advice in relation to meeting the above-mentioned requirements. Here are 3 useful pieces of advice:

  • You can with advantage choose a lighting source with a color rendering at the level of the color rendering of daylight.
  • You can use different kinds of lighting sources and situate them different places at the construction site to even out the shadows.
  • It is important to clean the lamps because if they are dirty it can reduce the light intensity by more than 30 %.

What are the advantages of using LED lighting at the construction site?

It is still common to use traditional lighting sources at construction sites. But it is important to be aware of the fact that this type of lighting has a long row of disadvantages for the entrepreneur paying for the lighting as well as for the workers working at the construction site. Among the disadvantages of traditional lighting is a short life expectancy, a high need for maintenance, poor lighting quality, poor robustness, as well as a high energy consumption.

By using LED at the construction site these disadvantages can be wiped off completely. The advantage of LED is among other things that this type of lighting has an extraordinarily high quality of lighting, an exceptional lifetime, minimal maintenance as well as greatly reduced energy costs. Furthermore, LED is a very robust type of lighting which tolerates strokes and hits which would wreck a traditional lighting source.

When using LED it is possible to gain large energy savings. On average you can achieve a reduction in energy costs of 60 %, and this minimizes your energy costs spent on lighting up the construction site.

Let us help you with the construction site lighting

At Lumega, we are experts when it comes to LED lighting and for that reason, we are more than capable of illuminating your construction site with LED. Lumega’s CEO, Rune Larsen, recently started a Danish business called Construction Site Lighting, which provides LED lighting for the construction site. Construction Site Lighting offers a complete lighting solution, so if you have to illuminate your construction site, you do not have to collaborate with others.

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