Lighting helps Hospitals make Diagnoses

Lighting in different color temperatures has been installed in a Danish hospital and some doctors believe it actually helps the clinical staff to make more accurate diagnoses. This week's blog post is regarding how lights can help hospitals with more than just lighting up the room.

Colored vs. White Light

The management at Silkeborg Hospital is of the opinion that colored lighting for hospitals makes it easier to identify essential elements on the screen. The light highlights crucial details, while a traditional white light may be due to displaying confusing information on the screen.

In practice, this means lighting installed in such a way that screens with e.g. test data and images such as ultrasound, MRI and CT scans and x-rays have been equipped with colored light. Why is the question? In all its simplicity, the premise is the colored lighting removes shadows and automatically highlights structural details that can be crucial when making diagnoses. The project at Silkeborg Hospital is in collaboration with both surgeons and doctors. The colored light scenarios are connected to a control unit, where the staff can easily switch between different preferences, programmed according to their desires and needs.

LED Lighting Allows You to Adapt to Your Needs

The hospital had previously installed traditional lighting, as we know it, but discovered that the white light, from either ceiling or the old fluorescent lamps, could live up to expectations. The light dazzled and confused the information on the screen, but by using the LED technology they could easily identify essential elements because the light contributing to bring out important details.

The hospital has actually had this type of LED lighting, where they can easily adjust the light to their need, installed in their offices, the intensive care unit and other operating rooms that ultimately help with visual conditions and help create pleasant conditions for surgeons, doctors and nurses.

A case like this shows why Human Centric Lighting is more and more relevant - not only for hospitals, but also for many other segments. LED lighting not only gives employees better working conditions, but it also positively affects patients.

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