Make your restaurant shine with LED

When designing the illumination in a restaurant and deciding what type of luminaires to choose, LED might be the perfect answer. We have gathered 5 tips that can make your restaurant shine.

The atmosphere in a restaurant can be changed completely with LED lighting. Concealing lights seamlessly into all the details in the room will create a maximum visual impact. With LED, it is possible to create a scheme that can intelligently change throughout the day. The following lighting touches can create the right lighting effect and make your restaurant illuminated perfectly.

  1. Projected restaurant name:
    If you illuminate the name of your restaurant on the floor at the entrance of the restaurant, it will create an exclusive and cool first impression. It is possible to hide a framing projector in the ceiling, which can light up your restaurant name.

  2. Focus on the details:
    Your restaurant might have some specific or spectacular details. To make your customers focus on these details, you can use LED light to illuminate them.

  3. Tunable light:
    Another cool feature is to install tunable LED luminaires in your restaurant, which enables you to change the light from warm to cold. Use a colder light on 3000K when the daylight is still coming through the windows and shift to warm and intimate 2200K light at night, which will create a cozy atmosphere.

  4. Layers of light:
    When using multiple layers of light in the restaurant, you can create an intimate atmosphere. The light might come from LEDs near the floor and remote-controlled pin spots that focus on each individual table, creating a cozy feeling in the restaurant, while remaining completely hidden.

  5. Invisible light and shadows:
    Making the luminaires invisible might create a more exclusive atmosphere. Another spectacular detail is to illuminate an object with LED both from underneath and above, creating dramatic shadows and customers will automatically focus on the illuminated object.

Lumega has created a complete lighting solution for Sticks’n’Sushi, where we have used a lot of these great lighting touches to create an exclusive and nice atmosphere. Read more here.

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