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New legislation for building materials

26 October 2022

In the wake of climate targets, there are new and stricter requirements for buildings’ impact on the environment. It is expected that the consultancy industry will be assigned a work task with a sustainability classification, which will be time-consuming for large constructions.

From January 2023, there will be stricter requirements for life-cycle assessment or LCA life-cycle assessment for new buildings. LCA is one of a total of 9 assessment points in a sustainability classification. When it comes to building materials, these will be subject to LCA reporting as well as the total economic analysis. The total economic analysis forms the springboard for assessing the total economy of the building and which processes were the basis for choosing materials. Including their impact on the environment, also in operation. The figure below shows the overall assessment points, all of which have subcategories. Figure kindly borrowed from

The transition phase

In a transition phase, there will be several products that will be included with a general input value based on a general level for such product. Where at the end of 2023 there are likely to be several products that require unique reports (e.g., EPD, Environmental Product Declaration) before they can be used in new construction.

The tools that facilitate the process

LCA Reporting can be complicated and very time-consuming. One Click LCA makes it significantly more affordable and with many partnerships the majority will be available at your fingertips. Watch the video on how One Click LCA can facilitate the process before and after the construction process.

Lumega takes a position on LCA and helps with the total economic aspect. Most of our lighting solutions help with lower energy consumption and a long lifespan. Both will have a positive impact on the reporting basis for the classification. In addition, there are other positive areas where lighting from Lumega can lower the CO2 footprint in new construction.

Contact Lumega if there is evidence for knowledge sharing about LCA reporting on lighting products and its impact on CO2 during the life cycle.