New scientific research on color temperature: The Tunable White Concept enhances your quality of life

Did you know that the color temperature of the lighting has an impact on your quality of life? Reading this blog, you will learn more about what color temperature is and which influence it has on humans. In this article, the Tunable White Concept is presented, which is the latest addition to the field of commercial lighting.

You might not think about it, but the lighting you are exposed to has a large impact on your energy and efficiency level, among other things. Thus, it is not unimportant which color temperature the lighting in your workplace has. The lighting at the office can have a crucial influence on how long you can work without getting tired. Therefore, scientist today are doing research on the ways in which the lighting can be used to benefit the energy and efficiency of humans. The newest scientific research has contributed to the development of a new concept called Tunable White, which today is one of the hottest trends within the field of commercial lighting.

What is color temperature?

In short, color temperature is an expression for the heat level of the light within a lighting source. Color temperature measured in Kelvin, often expressed with a ‘K’. Kelvin can be used to measure the heat level in lighting, and in other words, you can say that Kelvin measures the color of the lighting. Thus, warm light is said to be reddish, whereas cold lighting is said to be bluish. If the color temperature of a lighting source measures over 5000 K the lighting will be defined as being cold, and a color temperature between 2700-3000K is defined as being warm.

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The color temperature of the lighting affects us at work

Today we know, that the color temperature in the lighting, to which humans are exposed, has a large impact on our mood, energy as well as the general ambiance of the room.

But what importance does this knowledge have on the design of the office environment? It is important to be aware of the color temperature of the lighting at your workplace. If you are exposed to warm light during your work day your work efficiency will probably drop fast because the reddish lighting makes you more tired than cold lighting above 3000K would have.

Thus, the conclusion is that people exposed to cold lighting during the workday stay energized for a longer time than if exposed to warm lighting. Therefore, the management can with advantage consider the color temperature of the lighting as a factor leading to improved work efficiency and energy at the office, because the correct lighting can support this ambition in an efficient way. Specifically, the management can take a closer look at the so-called Tunable White Concept which with advantage can be used at the workplace benefitting employees’ well-being and work efficiency in diverse situations.

The Tunable White Concept

Today there is a huge focus on improving the efficiency in the workplace and in relation to this ambition the Tunable White Concept can come in handy.

The Tunable White Concept one of the newest and most publicized trends within the field of commercial lighting today. The concept has become reality due to thorough biological research which has studied how humans best can function in the everyday life.

Thus, the Tunable White Concept is built upon these scientific results which conclude that lighting has a meager impact on the body as well as how we feel and function in the everyday life. In other words, lighting can among other things help us improve various work situations and to enhance your quality of life.

In this way, it is essential within the Tunable White Concept to design the lighting solution based on how the lighting can enhance the well-being and efficiency of humans so we can get the most out of different work situations. Thus, it is important to know that various activities demand different color temperatures. The Tunable White technology gives you the freedom to install the luminaires at various color temperatures best for the specific activity in the room to that this activity is supported in the best way.

For example, in your workplace you can install the lamp to projecting a high color temperature, meaning a cool lighting, when the employees are working so that the work efficiency and energy level will stay intact. However, in the lunch break, you can then switch to a lower color temperature and then project a warmer and more relaxing lighting which can support a cozy ambiance. With the Tunable White Concept, it is furthermore possible to imitate the daylight by adjusting the color temperature based on the time of the day so you achieve the maximal comfort in the artificial lighting.

The results of the scientific research give us a number of practical advice which easily and effectively can be implemented by using LED lighting. This is due to the fact, that LED in many ways is developed with a focus on how to optimize the living conditions of humans with the help of lighting. You can read more about the advantages of LED here.

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