Perfect atmosphere with LED: Lighting in lounge bar

Imagine that everything is perfect: Cocktails on the table, people at the bar – but what about the lighting? It’s either too bright or too dark. What do you do? Try LED and create the perfect atmosphere with energy-saving LED light!

When designing the lighting at a lounge bar with LED, you have tons of opportunities. Nowadays, inside-outside areas are a popular architectural feature. They can visually make space feel larger, both for the outside looking in and the inside looking out. There are especially two words that are important to remember when designing the LED lights in a lounge bar; attention and care.

A few things you should remember:

  • The small details often make a big impression.
  • Seating in a lounge bar tends to be low.
  • Take care of the basics: steps, ramps, corners at low tables etc. should be easy to see.

If you take care of all of the above, you have the basics covered. Furthermore, you should make sure that the atmosphere is changeable; dimming and scene-setting are essential elements when you want to get the lighting right. Another tip is to remember good LED light-setting for reading and meetings as well as securing that the people sitting in the low chairs get no chance of seeing a bare lamp.

Three examples of lounge bar LED lighting

Create an open space
In order to create an open and ‘lifted’ atmosphere, you can install pendants as the main lighting. Narrow beams can be used as spotlights to illuminate tables and other things you would like to draw attention to. The lighting in the ceiling should spread the light sideways and at high angles, as this will give the space a ‘lift’. As it is a good idea to be able to change the atmosphere, the light setting should be dimmable. For example, if the ceiling light is dimmed it will create a greater contrast.

Use indirect light for a soft expression
If you want to create a calm and soft atmosphere in the lounge bar, indirect light is a perfect choice. You can place the lighting in coves by the ceiling and under the bar, which moreover will draw your guest’s attention to it. The softer and uniform light in the covers can be complemented by spots in the ceiling, as they will contribute to the soft expression.

Contrasting light with wall scalloping and cones of light
If you want to create a contrast, you should emphasize the walls by placing downlights very close to them. This will create cones of light and draw attention to pictures etc. that might be hanging on the wall. These downlights will put a great focus on the walls, so if you want that, it is a perfect choice.

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