Road and street lighting: Illuminate roads and streets with LED

Light-emitting diodes, better known as LED, can be used for much more than illuminating kitchens and offices. Increasing numbers of cities and municipalities implement LED as road and street lighting, and for this reason, our purpose with this blog is to shed light on the many advantages associated with LED lighting on road networks and in the street scene.

Whether we talk about freeways, highways or minor systems of paths, the lighting plays a crucial part, wherefore a growing number of municipalities implement LED as part of the city lighting. The City of Copenhagen has a keen desire for becoming the world’s first capital to have a net zero carbon footprint before 2025. Consequently, the municipality decided to replace 19,000 of the city’s 45,000 street lamps with LED in 2017. At the time of writing 300 km streets and roads in Copenhagen has got this new LED lighting and the municipality plans to substitute further 9,000 street lamps with LED.

Reduced maintenance

One essential reason for replacing traditional street lighting with LED is the diodes’ low need for maintenance. Primarily, LED luminaires are one of the most rugged solutions on the market. LED’s are therefore cut out to outdoor environments with rough weather and switching temperatures and for this reason, the diodes can handle dust, rain, and moisture. Apart from that, LED lighting has an expected lifetime of approximately 50,000 hours depending on the model, which is in huge contrast with traditional street lamps and pylons with a lower average lifetime. Altogether this means, that LED lighting, broadly, is maintenance-free.

Great savings

Replacement of light sources can be both time-consuming and cost-intensive, wherefore municipalities are well advised to substitute the existing street and road lighting with LED. Moreover, LED is a much more energy-efficient solution, seeing that the light-emitting diodes have a lower power consumption and a higher lumen output. This means that LED luminaires emit more light despite consuming less watt.

More sustainable

Given the fact that LED consumes less electricity in order to emit corresponding or greater amounts of light, the municipalities reduce their carbon footprint by utilizing LED for road and street lighting. Hereby, LED lighting can contribute to enhancing the environmental image of the city or municipality.

Increased safety

Besides economic and environmental advantages, safety is a paramount factor with reference to replacing traditional street lighting with LED. Every year thousands of Danes are exposed to traffic accidents. While some of these accidents are a result of excessive speed or excessive blood alcohol levels, others occur due to poor vision on the road. The City of Copenhagen has chosen to replace the city’s obscure, orange light with a clear and more bright LED solution. Hereby, it has become easier for drivers to spot pedestrians, cyclists and other passing motorists, which, altogether, has increased the road safety in the city.

Lumega's solution

At Lumega we develop replacements for traditional road and street lighting. We provide both luminaires for lighting up roads and streets as well as retrofit solutions, where the existing light source merely is replaced with a LED bulb.

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