Save energy: Light up the parking garage with LED

Thousands of car parks all over the world are illuminated with T8 lamps. The fluorescent tubes were a good solution in their time, as they were cheap to buy. Nowadays, the T8 lamps are outdated; they have a very short life time which results in high maintenance costs and there will always be a few lamps that are not working in the car park. The fluorescent tubes are not as energy efficient or safe as LED and they often result in a dark and dull parking garage.

Car park LED with Lumega

At Lumega, we offer new future-proof LED solutions that are highly energy efficient and will improve the lighting quality and user safety in your parking garage. It is important that the entire car park is illuminated efficiently as it is often full of customers who should be able to get around safely. Therefore, a good vertical illumination with LED is essential, including the light on the perimeter walls and columns, as a uniform illumination reduces shadows and eliminates dark corners.
Very often, the illumination is not considered until after the building has been designed and built. It can be advantageous to think about the illumination early in the process as light, especially LED, can create a nice atmosphere and increase the user’s mood when they enter the parking garage.

Keeping users safe and saving energy

With an LED solution, you keep your users safe and save energy, as the solution delivers the right amount of light where and when it is needed. As opposed to the traditional fluorescent tubes which need a lot of maintenance, LEDs require minimal maintenance. The LED life time is extremely long and there are some very robust lamps available on the market today.
Changing to LED will result in great energy reductions and improve your environmental profile. An LED lighting solution will create great savings on your power consumption and electricity bill.
Dimming is a feature that can result in further energy savings in the parking garage. It is a good idea to install dimming which makes it possible to control the light and adjust it to your needs, but we recommend not to use infrared detectors, as no one wants to enter a dark car park, even if it lights up when you get inside.

Lumega can help you design the perfect LED solution for your parking garage with LED, which can create a nice and light parking garage and improve user safety.

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