Shop lighting: Can the right lighting increase sales?

Whether or not LED shop lighting can increase sales is an on-going debate. Several companies and institutes claim that they have proof of LED lighting systems boosting sales. But among all the scientific claims, people lose focus on the numerous other benefits that LED shop lighting comes with.

Putting up an LED shop lighting system won’t increase sales if you do it without proper consideration. LED lighting has numerous benefits compared to traditional lighting sources, but you have to utilize these benefits yourself. But realizing the possibilities and benefits can be quite a mouthful of complicated information. So we will provide you with a few tips and tricks that just might prove that the fuzz about LEDs increasing sales is true after all:

Color temperature

What type of shop do you intend to light up with LEDs? If you want the shop to appear minimalistic and sleek, then choose cold color temperatures. If you want your shop to seem cozy and familiar, then choose warm temperatures. Cooler color temperatures do also make rooms appear more spacious.

Customer guidance

Use the LEDs to guide your customers to special offers or popular products. By positioning LEDs strategically in the ceiling, along with the aisles and as backlighting of the shelves, will not only make the products appear more attractive. It will also keep the customers on your desired track, from the entrance to the point of purchase.

Light distribution

Making use of vertical illumination makes orientation easier. LEDs are often available with wide spectre illumination, which gives you endless possibilities. Diffuse general lighting ensures customers a sense of well-being, and well-feeling customers are definitely more willing to purchase your products.

Contrast lighting

Contrast lighting is a simple, yet effective way of using LEDs to heighten levels of attention. Making one area or shelve appear brighter than another, will naturally make the customer notice the more illuminated area.

You cannot expect a huge boost in sales, just by putting up LEDs in random places around your shop. Implementing a LED system is often a fairly complicated matter – so it is about getting creative and thinking the possibilities through, without getting blinded by the idea that the LEDs will improve sales itself. Focusing on whether or not LEDs will actually increase sales on the top line does furthermore make people forget the money they are already saving from the bottom line through energy-savings. Investing in a LED system is a good business – especially if you choose our recently introduced leasing platform. The leasing platform allows you to get the many advantages of the LEDs while avoiding the implementation expenses.

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