Shop lighting: How can LED increase your revenue?

It might seem too good to be true, but it is not. Several studies show that LED has the capacity to turn your business around and increase your revenue. In other words, the right lighting solution can possibly increase revenue for any shop within the retail industry. But what is up and down when it comes to LED and shop lighting? In this article, you will get the answer!

Shop lighting has been proven to highly affect the customer experience. Even though the customers may not consciously notice the lighting solution in your shop, the lighting may work on an unconscious level and improve how your customers evaluate your shop and products. The lighting creates the vibrancy of the room. How you choose to light up your shop has a crucial effect on the atmosphere created and perceived by customers. In other words, the ambiance of your shop is up to you to create. Knowing this, it should be safe to say that lighting is not only lighting but instead you should actively choose your lighting solution to optimize the customer experience.

But what lighting to choose then? A reliable answer to this question is LED. Using LED in your shop will give you a lot of advantages. Not only is LED a very cost-saving and extremely energy-efficient lighting solution, studies show that LED has the ability to increase sales too. This is due to the enhanced customer experience when using LED to light up your products. This means that you must look no further than at your current lighting solution in your shop to find a way to increase sales. It has been proven that for example clothing stores, supermarkets and jewelry stores in average experience an increase of 20 – 30 % in revenue when switching to LED.

But how does LED work? With LED you can create a “lighting flow” in your shop showing the customers around in your shop. You can also highlight certain products of your choice.

Now let us look at three LED lighting concepts available in the market: track lighting, pendant lighting, and lighting for detail.

Track lighting

LED track luminaires are the perfect solution when you want to highlight a specific product and turn the customer’s attention to this product. With our track lighting model NS70, you can mount the LED lamp onto a track on the ceiling. The advantage of this product is that it is a very flexible solution because you can easily move the NS70 around on the track.

Pendant lighting

Pendant luminaires can be used to light up a larger area of your shop. Overall lighting is usually powered by LED tubes or linear luminaries. This type of LED solution can, for example, be mounted over refrigerated counters in a supermarket or over a larger exhibition in a clothing store.

Lighting for detail

The last concept is lighting for detail. For example, this LED solution can with advantage be used in glass cases in jewelry stores or in display cases in beauty stores. A safe bet when lighting for detail is our track led light NS71 which has a high and luminous intensity.

No matter what your specific need for lighting is, we at Lumega will make it our mission to accommodate this need by creating a unique lighting solution for you and your shop. For example, we can create a lighting solution that is able to make your products appear even better for the customers. We can also help you create a lighting flow around your shop and thereby influence the customers to experience your shop in the way you intended them to.

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