Smart Street Lighting with IoT

It’s not the first time we’ve written about the subject – read more here.
In this blog post we take it a level further and talk more about how you can make your street lighting smart.

IoT (Internet of Things) is probably a term you’ve heard before. The advanced technology allows you to control your lighting system in a new way through IoT. This means that everyday objects are able to communicate with people via the Internet.

How It Works

More and more cities are looking into IoT street lighting. An example is the city of St. Gallen located in Switzerland, which has had IoT installed. Through the use of sensors that automatically are switched off when there’s no or minimal traffic e.g. in the night hours, have experienced great energy savings.

IoT solution in praxis
With a solution like this, they can control all the luminaires in a pilot area. They’ve from this Internet-based console, the option to switch on, off or dimming lamps individually or in separate groups. In addition, the lighting can be managed based on time a day, week or yearly. They use in this case, IEE 802.15.4 wireless layers that often are used in IoT applications and are specified in ZigBee standards, which are known to have a low power consumption and transmit data over a large distance.

This solution is supported by what is called “High Speed Wireless IoT Networks” in all gateways. Typical devices used are video cameras or public hotspots connected via Wi-Fi. The communication between these objects happens through sensors, luminaires and gateways.

What Is The Future Of LED Lighting?

The new technology enables street lighting to be more intelligent, capable of registration of individual vehicles on the roads and automatically reduce street lighting accordingly. This type of LED lighting is not cheap and therefore the economic aspect can be a barrier for many.

We believe that this type of smart lighting is the future and it represents a good investment long-term. You can save large sums in project cost and lighting control. Research Gate, which is a professional network for researchers, indicates that choosing smart dimming in street lighting can provide energy savings up to 70%.

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