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Sports Lighting: What is the Difference between Halogen and LED Lights?

04 May 2020

Sports Lighting: What is the Difference between Halogen and LED Lights?

We’ve discussed sports lighting and its advantages in previous posts but in this week’s blog, we’ll try to answer one “simple” question: what is the main difference to choose LED lights instead of traditional sources like the halogen bulb.

Why go from Halogen lamps to LED?

If you want to install sports lighting it’s always a good idea not only thinking short forward but also look at long terms challenges of the current fixtures. The lighting system should aim to improve quality of the stadium for every involved parties – such as owners who can lower the maintenance cost, players who’ll get the best conditions when a game is played and the audience get a superior customer experience. Before we even can start to answer the question, it’s important to understand two independent processes.

The first one will occur before electricity even reached the light, meaning the energy percentage which is not wasted and is needed to even turn on the light. If we look at a ordinary halogen bulb, up to 80% in average of the energy is wasted during this power process.

The second arise with the projection of the light. After the lighting has been switched on, it’s vital to project it to the ground with a great deal of lighting intensity – in this process it’s extremely important to know the difference between luminosity and efficiency.

Maybe this rise another question:

Is LED lighting more efficient based on its brightness?

The answer is no. LED lights efficiency isn’t based on how bright the light is but it applies how far the light can project. You need to thinking about more than one factor in this equation. It’s not just about luminosity but you need to consider how the light travels through distance as well.

Let’s take an example.

If a light has a huge brightness the first 3-6 meters but the intensity faded from that distance to a low level when the light reaches the players, it should be taking into account that this sports lighting should be installed on high posts.

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