Stadium lighting

This week’s blog post takes a closer look at LED lighting for stadiums, sports facilities and sports centres and provides examples of how to raise the stadium perception to new heights.

LED lighting can not only be used for lamps or as fairy lights for Christmas trees. Owing to the vast number of advantages associated with LED, the light-emitting diodes are cut out to illuminate stadiums as well as major or minor sports facilities. If you are about to replace the lighting surrounding the football pitch at the local school or if you are responsible for the stage lighting at one of the big stadiums in the country, this blog might be relevant for you.

LED reduces stadiums energy consumption

One of the greatest reasons to replace traditional stadium lighting with LED is the economic aspect. Compared to conventional lighting solutions for stadiums and sports centres, the energy consumption is reduced considerably with LED lighting. Apart from that, the light-emitting diodes have a higher lumen output, which altogether means, that the LED’s emit more light despite consuming less watt. Furthermore, reduced energy consumption assists in a decrease in CO2 emissions, which can contribute to enhancing the club’s or the association’s environmental image.

LED Lighting minimizes maintenance

Besides reduced consumption of energy, there is almost no maintenance associated with LED lighting. Typically, the lifetime of the light-emitting diodes is around 50,000 hours, which is in huge contrast with traditional lighting systems for stadiums. Moreover, LED luminaires are one of the most robust lighting solutions on the market. They can handle anything from fluctuating temperatures to dust, rain, and moisture, wherefore LED lighting is cut out to illuminating stadiums.

Stadium Lights with the LED technology have superior quality

On great stadiums, there is a need for high-quality lighting for the benefit of players as well as spectators, both at the stadiums and through television. The clubs must comply with rising demands for stage light, wherefore an increasing amount of clubs invest in LED. With LED you will experience more uniform lighting, which does not flicker, and then you have the ability to change both the luminous intensity and colour. In other words, the LED’s lighting quality is high.

Creative lighting solutions to stadiums and sports centres

When it comes to stadium lighting it is obvious to replace the lighting system, in order for the pitch to be enlightened by LED.

One of the most sensational examples is found in German football. Allianz Arena, which is home to Bayern Munich as well the German national football team, is characterized by an atypical façade. The façade is composed of several panels with 300,000 light-emitting diodes, which shines in different colours depending on the event.

When talking about interior LED stadium lighting, you cannot neglect to look towards Russia, where the home ground of the major team FC Krasnodar has recently been renovated. The most spectacular about the renovation is the stadium’s 360-degrees LED screen behind the back row of the seats. The only limit for what the club can inform or show is their imagination, and this is just one of many examples of creative LED stadium lighting.

Our solution

At Lumega we have a broad selection of high-quality LED products, so if you are looking for lighting for sports facilities or stadiums, we have a solution for you. NS90 is a robust but exclusive LED spotlight, which is applicable on stadiums, swimming pools and storage buildings. The lighting quality is exceptional and you can therefore employ the spotlight for television broadcasts, seeing that you will never experience flicker from NS90.

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