5 ways to enlighten a room with low ceiling

It can be difficult to choose the right type of lighting that matches the needs of the apartment, house or building. A low ceiling is defined when it is less than 2.4 meters high, due to the lack of vertical space for installation of e.g. lighting fixtures. If you choose to illuminate it in the wrong way , it can result in unintended areas of high contrast lighting, which can give inconsistent light making it harder to see what you are doing - this is especially true in basements and attics that often do not have a very high level of natural light.

In this blog post, we will give you 5 ways to light a room with a low ceiling and how you can make it feel bigger.

1. Install low profile fixtures

It may seem like an obvious place to start, but we experiences that many homeowners do not consider installing low profile fixtures. If you have one or more rooms with low ceilings, we recommend looking at built-in lighting, lamps, floor lamps, flat or semi-voltage fittings so that you do not risk making the room feel smaller than it is. To obtain an even distribution of light with e.g. recessed lighting, it is a good idea to choose light bulbs with a wide light angle.

2. White ceiling

To utilize the space and maximize the illusion of higher ceilings through lighting, a ceiling in a lighter color - e.g. white - help make a difference. It will create a reflective surface that allows the light itself to create a better distribution, contribute to a brighter atmosphere and thereby enlarge the space.

3. Light above eye level

A good rule of thumb is to have the lamps installed above eye level to prevent an unwanted glare. When we talk about lighting in rooms with ceiling height between 2.20-2.30 meters, it should be installed at approx. 1.70 meters.

4. Use more than one light

You might consider hanging several smaller lamps that will create the desired effect. When you have multiple lights shining in different directions, the space will feel lighter and more open. Be sure to place ceiling lights at least 3 feet from the wall. Closer and harsh shadows make your ceiling appear lower.

5. Think vertical

If you would like to use luminaires in a limited space anyway, consider these things:

  • Size: If you choose a suspended fixture, you should install one with a slim design that has more width than height to be placed close to the ceiling.

  • Location: Consider installing the lamps somewhere in the room where people will not go, ie. over dining tables, kitchen islands, coffee tables or the like.

  • Limit the length of the cable which allows the light to look like a pendant. An attic hook can also be an option that will actually maximize the visual impact of light.

The fact that a room has a low ceiling does not mean poor lighting, but is more about compromising and thinking in other ways to lighting up a room beautifully.

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