When is Color Rendering important and Why?

Imagine a scenario where it has been decided to use LED lighting for your installation, but you are unsure which products to buy? There are many thoughts related to this, such as quality of energy efficiency, lifespan and color temperature among others. These are all aspects that are essential when choosing to invest in a LED lighting system.

Lighting has more purposes - than just illuminating an object, but what matters is the purpose. Color rendering index is an important aspect of lighting. In this week's blog post, we will give our suggestions on when color rendering (CRI) is important and explain its importance in providing quality lighting that meets both a functional and aesthetic need.

CRI Definition

Color rendering index (CRI) is a measure that shows the light source's ability to reproduce the object's color compared to daylight. CRI is measured on a scale of 0-100, with 100 representing the maximum value with the highest color rendering. If you want to read more about what color rendering we've a blog post related to this here.

When is CRI important?

Please note that in all situations, it is not about installing a light source with the highest CRI value. A good example when illuminating streets and paths, you do not have to think about whether the environment's color appear in natural color or not. What you are interested in in this example is for safety reasons and the main function is the general lighting, and not necessarily its aesthetic properties.

If we look at the retail industry, quality light means a lot and, in this situation, a high CRI will be important. The high CRI light will not only help highlight the color of the products, but will also create a clean and dynamic environment that helps to create satisfying and comfortable lighting. For example, if you sell food and vegetables, high CRI lighting will help showcase the products in an attractive way that will stimulate the consumer's willingness to buy.

Here you can see the big difference in color rendering on an apple - which one would you buy?

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