Why is the right lighting in the warehouse important?

Lighting in the warehouse is only required when staff is present. It is not necessary to have the light switched on when the warehouse is not manned. Previously, warehouses had expensive and inefficient lighting installations, but with LED lighting, warehouses can get a much larger flexible, energy-efficient solution with lower maintenance costs. Studies show that lighting can account for up to 80% of the energy bill, so it is important that the solution is as cost effective as possible.

In addition; a homogenous, natural directional LED light will help remove shadows and dark corners where accidents can occur - for the benefit of employees. The right lighting can have a positive effect on the mood and the level of productivity will increase.

Have you thought about these 6 points?

In this blog post we will discuss what issues may be good to consider when you need warehouse lighting installed.

  1. Make sure the color rendering of the LED light sources is suitable for the purpose
    It is not only a matter of the illuminated space but the light must meet the needs of the employees as well. Color rendering is important when the staff for example need to read product codes or similar. We recommend luminaires with a color rendering factor of at least 80.

  2. Sensors = Energy-efficient solution
    By installing lighting through motion sensors, the energy level will be reduced and by using dimming you will achieve great energy savings by using lighting only to the required levels.

  3. Use artificial light as a supplement
    Warehouse workers often work at late hours when a natural light is not possible – therefore; use artificial light as a supplement. If you use daylight sensors, artificial light can be controlled. This is particularly relevant because light distribution can be different depending on the function of the light - the light that’s required to light racking at a high level is not the same as the light needed in an open space.

  4. Design lighting for people - not spaces
    It is important to remember that we design and install the lighting for people. If employees should be able to perform their job satisfactorily, their working conditions must be in order and the quality of lighting is an important factor in that equation. It will benefit both the efficiency of the staff and benefit the company in several ways.

  5. Avoid flicker
    If you use good quality LED luminaires, flicker will be minimized. It is essential that you consider this when selecting the LEDs, you install in the warehouse. Flickering is not immediately visible as it may flicker at such a speed that it cannot be seen with the naked eye, but it can have detrimental effects. High quality fixtures overcome this problem.

  6. Lighting in each room requires that you consider what activities are involved
    Here we mean the staff moving up and down the aisles. 200 lux is sufficient for general movement and stacking, but 300 lux may be required if staff needs to read labels or write shipping documents. In some cases, 500 lux is necessary for employees to be able to read the lowercase letters on the boxes.

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