Arc Parkstien

If you’re a waste collector in Copenhagen, then you have something to look forward to. The large new building, which is being built by ARC, offers many facilities. The new facilities that will be built on Parkstien 12 in Valby will consist of offices, staff facilities, a carwash, and a workshop building. In addition, there is a large outdoor area for parking and charging the waste collection trucks.

About this project

The project is a turnkey contract consisting of C.C. Brun Entreprise, Oluf Jørgensen A/S Rådgivende Ingeniører and We Architecture. Together with the client, the team has formed the framework for the new innovative building. In addition to the great facilities that the employees are greeted by, the building will be filled with energy-efficient solutions. The circular economy and other energy-efficient initiatives have for instance resulted in the usage of 30% recyclable materials in the construction. This, as well as the extra energy-efficient lighting means that the construction is now in the process of being screened for a DGNB gold certification. This is the second highest ranking in terms of energy-efficient construction.

Illustrative images kindly borrowed from We Architecture


Lumega is responsible for the complete lighting package for this large construction project. Inside, there has been a great focus on lighting for offices, carwash for the trucks and larger common areas. The goal has been to keep energy efficiency as high as possible. The biggest part in the project has been exterior lighting. Here there were specific requirements for a lux value that is above the prescribed. This proved at challenge for Lumega. We had to keep energy consumption down, while at the same achieving 30 lux on the whole site. When the site is large and dark areas needs to be avoided, lighting calculations take some time to reach perfection. The outdoor lighting system consists of 10-meter masts with large street lighting luminaires. It has been a necessity to use a lens in the front of the lamp, which directs the light to the right place with minimal loss of light. In addition to using masts, park lamps, wall lamps and bollards were included. The entire lighting project is on the larger side economically and despite price increases, Lumega and the electrical contractor found a sensible solution that the client and consultant approved.

Lighting for large areas

The very large areas can be difficult to illuminate. There are several different lighting fixtures that can handle the very high masts. This project includes 10-meter masts, which can be an advantage if a good evenness in the light distribution is wanted. However, there are many different types of masts and Lumega can provide lighting for masts up to and including at a height of 35 meters. Join us for advice the next time you go up in the air. The contract above includes many different lighting scenarios. At Lumega, we have the skills, the IT system, and the production to handle these large cases, so that your deadline is always met.

Lumega is always ready with the latest LED technology for your construction project and with 10 years of experience in lighting for buildings, we can help with everything from professional design, planning and optimization in relation to energy efficiency, management principles etc. All in respect of existing electrical installation, so the smallest interventions can be made.

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