Axelborg is a larger building in central Copenhagen situated across Tivoli. In 2016 Lumega entered into a collaboration with the board of Axelborg with a view to optimize the lighting in the conference rooms which were to undergo a total renovation. The focus was to create an inviting atmosphere in the conference rooms by means of an optimization of the lighting solution of the time.

Axelborg is a large, majestic building located in the heart of Copenhagen. The building accommodates various large Danish trade organizations. The board of Axelborg decided to carry out a complete renovation of the conference rooms, and one of the things which the board wanted to improve was the lighting in the conference rooms. In that connection, the board of Axelborg contacted Lumega and our job was to solve the challenges linked to the old lighting of the conference rooms.

The challenge

The board of Axelborg faced a number of challenges in relation to the old lighting in the conference rooms. The board had the ambition to be able to present nice and inviting conference rooms for conducting meetings and workshops etc. This ambition was, however, difficult to actualize with the old lighting because halogen bulbs were used and they provided a yellowish and sleepy light. Furthermore, the use of halogen bulbs in the conference rooms was a very energy consuming lighting solution and this caused that the energy costs were unnecessary high. Moreover, the old lighting solution using halogen bulbs needed frequent maintenance because the bulbs only had a short lifetime which entailed that they had to be replaced often.

All in all, the board was not content with the old lighting in the conference rooms because it inflicted the building association high costs, poor lighting quality, and too much maintenance. Therefore, the board wanted to install a new and efficient lighting solution which could eliminate these inconveniences which were linked to the old lighting. The new lighting should furthermore enhance the experience of the people using the conference rooms as well as boost the energy and environmental profile of the building.

The board of Axelborg contacted Lumega to have us develop a new LED lighting solution which could accommodate exactly these unique wishes and wants in relation to the lighting of conference rooms.

The solution

With the new LED lighting solution from Lumega, all the disadvantages of using a traditional lighting source were eliminated and the board of Axelborg can benefit from all the advantages of LED light now and in the future.

With Lumega's new LED lighting solution installed in the conference rooms, the building association can obtain a reduction in energy cost amounting to 81 % compared to the old lighting solution and this results in great cost savings on approximately 10.000 Danish kroner on an annual basis. When the working time is short and only about 2500 hours a year Axelborg can look forward to having paid back the solution in 2 years.

With the new LED solution, the conference rooms have got more and better lighting because the light intensity when using LED has increased by 38 % and the lighting quality of LED is much higher.

“I am very pleased with the nice-looking expression of the LED lamps. The lighting bulb is pulled up inside the luminaire so that it almost sinks into the ceiling and this gives an impressive effect. We have also already received positive feedback at our recent board meeting. People could really sense that the atmosphere and the lighting in the room had been tremendously improved compared to last year's board meeting when we still had the old and poor lighting in the conference rooms,” says Claus Mortensen, Head of Operations at Axelborg.

Furthermore, the maintenance of the new LED lighting solution is close to non-existing because the new LED lighting has a lifetime 30 times longer than the old lighting consisting of halogen lighting. This ensures, that the board of Axelborg doesn’t need to consider maintenance in many years to come. To ensure as much flexibility as possible a light dimmer has also been installed, so that the users of the conference rooms can design the ambiance of the conference rooms themselves.

“I am confident that the customer (Editor's note: the board of Axelborg) is very content with the outcome of the project. Claus Mortensen, Head of Operations at Axelborg, told me that he was very positively surprised by how nice the light looks and how steady the light dimming is even though so many lamps are connected to only one light dimmer,” says Jakob Kjøller, electrician on the case, Fixit El Aps.

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