Bellakvarter residential area

Bellakvarter is a cosy residential area being built close to Bella Center and Bella Sky on Amager. The construction is uniting the classic Copenhagen with today’s sustainability, wherefore the association has focused on energy efficient lighting. At Lumega, we have been chosen as the supplier of LED lighting for some of the apartment buildings’ stairways.

Sustainability and LED lighting are a perfect fit, and for this reason, it was a natural solution for Bellakvarter to install LED fixtures in their stairways. However, there was a couple of demands for the luminaires.

The challenge

First, Bellakvarter requested a sustainable solution. LED is the most energy efficient solution when it comes to lighting, so the challenge was to combine this fact with further add-ons in order to deliver an even greener lighting solution.

Beyond that, Bellakvarter requested resistant luminaires, seeing that they were installed in stairways. A stairway is considered as a relatively exposed location, wherefore it is important to choose a robust fixture.

The solution

The solution was simple. Our round LED bulkhead lamp OS0037 was cut out for this project. OS0037 is easily mounted and is certified for installation in shared access roads, wherefore it is ideal for stairways. Apart from that, it is an extremely robust fixture, which comes with a sensor to dim the light.

OS0037 has the highest possible IK classification, IK10. This means, that the luminaire is resistant to external impacts as shocks and strokes up to 20 joules. Additionally, OS0037 can be dimmed. In practice, the light is dimmed when there is no activity in the room. In this case, the light is dimmed to 50%, but this can be adjusted from project to project. Seeing that there is far from 24-hour-activity in a stairway, you can save a lot on your electricity bill by choosing a dimmable LED luminaire with a sensor. In this case, the return on investment is approximately a year and a half.

At Lumega we are experienced when it comes to projects like Bellakvarter, and whether it is about new construction or energy upgrading Lumega is the one to choose. Read about when we delivered LED lighting for stairways in the apartments in Øresund Strandpark or how we installed energy efficient lighting for the residential area, Kastanievænget.

Are you dreaming about LED for your upcoming project or do you consider replacing your traditional lighting with LED? Then look no further and let Lumega tailor a solution that fits your exact needs.

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