Birkebo Nursing Home

Birkebo is a nursing home located in Elsinore on the north-eastern coast of Zealand, Denmark. Today, Birkebo consists of 72 apartments of which on third is occupied by elder people suffering from dementia. Birkebo had specific requirements with regard to the lighting and, for that reason, we at Lumega were contacted by the nursing home. Since that time, we have replaced the old fluorescent tubes with LED luminaires in order to ensure the best conditions for both occupants and employees at Birkebo.

The challenge

Birkebo chose to replace the fluorescent tubes by LED for two main reasons. First, the nursing home wanted to save costs on the utility bill and second, Birkebo wanted to optimize the environment at the nursing home. Furthermore, it was important to reach a high lux level as well as a high CRI. From then on, we put together the best solution for Birkebo.

The solution

The solution was quite simple and was right up our alley. Just like it was the case when we installed LED lighting at the home care department in the Municipality of Kolding, we used our LED panel light, NS60. NS60 is one of our most energy efficient luminaires with impressing 142 LPW. Apart from that, the LEDs have a lifespan of around 105,000 hours, which is more than twice the lifespan of a regular LED and more than ten times the lifespan of a regular fluorescent tube. In continuation, it is possible to customize anything from CRI to lumen and colour temperature with NS60. In this case, we delivered NS60 with 4,000K, CRI90 and DALI, which implies that the lighting can be dimmed as required.

In addition to NS60, we chose several retrofit solutions where we simply replaced the existing bulb with a new LED bulb. This is, of course, an economic solution, which fitted Birkebo well.

Consequently, there is a huge difference from the old lighting consisting of fluorescent tubes to the new LED lighting. Today, Birkebo saves more than €2,000 a year on electricity. Apart from that, the lux level has increased fivefold from 63 to around 300, which has contributed to a far better environment for the occupants and employees at Birkebo.

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