Renovation of appartments - Brøndby

This project included total renovation of 158 apartments in Brøndby municipality counting new painted walls, bathrooms, kitchen set-ups with e.g. lighting where Lumega delivered lighting luminaries to.

Our solution

With the product NS30, Lumega created a perfect lighting solution for each of the apartment's kitchen cabinets who gave a smooth and warm lighting at 3000K. Moreover, the lighting gave an eminently good color rendering with CRI of 90+, which among other things helps to ensure the food looks inviting.

This particular luminarie has the great advantage of being available in four different lengths including 300 mm, 600 mm, 600 mm and 1200 mm and, moreover, is it easy to install for whether you’re an electrician or end-consumer.

We’ve delivered a standard solution to this project, matching their needs, but Lumega can customize the product to your needs and create a unique lighting solution.

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